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Updated 07/07/2021
The Agency Check item of the Agency section records the checks paid or received by the agency.
The Agency Check item screen is separated into two grids.

Top Grid

The top grid can be sorted by the following categories:

Field Description
Check Date Date the check was issued.
Check Number

Identification number of the issued check. 

Note: Avionté assigns a check number to a transaction even if ACH/Direct Deposit was used for the transaction.

Direct Deposit Indicates if the check is directly deposited.
Gross The total value of the check sans withholdings.
Net The value of the check after applying withholdings.
See Paycheck The jump buttons in this column will navigate you to Summary item of the Paycheck section.



Bottom Grid

The bottom grid can be sorted by the following categories:
Field Description
Assignment ID Number for identifying the assignment.
Batch ID Identification number for the batch.
Bill Rate Rate at which the customer is being billed.
Bill To Name Name of the entity being billed.
Bill Unit Total number of hours being billed.
Check Number Identification number for the check being issued.
Department Name Name of the customer department being billed.
Employee Name Name of the employee on assignment.
External ID Outside identification number.
Item Bill Total amount being billed to the customer.
Item Pay Total amount being paid to the employee.
Job Position Title held by the employee on the assignment.
Pay Rate Rate at which the employee is being paid.
Pay Unit The the number of hours the employee is being paid for.
Payee Name Name of the entity being paid.
Shift Name The name of the shift worked by the employee.
Short Name Nickname.
Site Name Name given to the worksite.
Sort Order Select the where on the list this option will be viewed.
SSN Social Security Number of the employee.
Staffing Supplier Code Code for identifying the supplier.
Type Identifies the type of hours worked by the employee (i.e. regular hours, overtime hours, etc.)
Week Worked The pay period in which the work took place.


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