Agencies & Deduction Authority

In the Avionté application, "agency" refers to an entity that assists your staffing company.

Examples of agencies include:


Vendor Authority

A company that supplies or sells goods, equipment or services to a staffing agency. A janitorial supply company sells cleaning equipment to a janitorial staffing agency. 


Staffing Supplier

Another staffing agency hired to support your staffing agency. Typically, this relationship helps the fulfillment of an order that is larger or more complex than usual


Deduction Authority

Organizations such as child support agencies or health insurance agencies to which deductions are submitted.


Tax Authority

A government-licensed authority hired to manage the submission of tax payments. 



Agencies and Deduction Authority Video

The video below details:

  • Creating Agencies
    • Agency Types
    • Pay Setup
  • Attaching agencies to deductions
  • Creating agency checks
  • Deduction Submittal Report
  • Clearing AP transactions



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