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Updated 07/07/2021
The Detail item of the Agency section allows you to update and edit agency data. From this tab you are also able to create a New Agency and view the full Agency Actions Menu. 


Information on the Detail item is recorded in the following groups:


Agency Info Group

Field Description
Agency Name The full name of the agency.
Short Name A short name, or nickname, for the agency.
Department Name Name of the department attached to the agency.
Reference ID Identification number used to identify the agency.
Agency Type Indicate what kind of agency this is from the drop-down menu.
Status Indicates the agency's status.
Branch The branch that the agency is attached to.
FEIN The agency's Federal Employment Identification Number.: 



Notes Group

Insert text into the field and press Tab on the keyboard to save the note. 



Address Group

Field Description
Address Type This field will default to the option indicated when the Agency was created.
Country The country in which the agency is located.
Street Address 1 The street address of the agency.
Street Address 2 The street address of the agency.
City The city in which the agency is located.
State/Province The US state or Canadian province in which the agency is located.
Zip/Postal Code The US Zip Code or Canadian Postal Code in which the agency is located.



Contact Method Group

This group displays all active methods to get in touch with the agency.

Edit an existing contact method or add a new method to this group by entering data into the following columns:

Field Description
Type The kind of contact method available (i.e., phone, email, website, etc.)
Value The data corresponding to the type of contact method.


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