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The New Agency Wizard is used to add an agency to the Avionté system.  The Avionté application works with a variety of agencies:
  • Staffing supplier - Another staffing agency that the original staffing company would use to assist in filling orders
  • Vendor - A company that supplies goods or services
  • Deduction Authority - Organizations to which deductions are submitted.  this often is used for Child Support Payments
  • Tax Authority - A government authority that can be set up to submit tax payments.
The wizard is categorized into four groups - Name, Address, Contact method, and Notes. 



Name Group

Branch Name A drop-down menu of branches to which the new agency may belong.
Status The current status of the agency - Active, Inactive, or Delete.
Agency Type The type of agency as far as work focus - Education Institution, etc. 
Short Name A familiar name for the agency.
Department Name The name of the department to which the agency may belong.
Reference ID A unique ID associated with the agency.



Address Group

Address Type Indicates the kind of address being recorded for the agency (i.e. main address, billing address, etc.)
Country Code Indicates the country where the agency is located.
Street 1 The street address for the agency.
Street 2 The street address for the agency.
City City where the agency is located.
State/Province The state or province where the agency is located.
Zip/Postal Code The Zip or Postal code for the agency's location.



Contact Method Group

Add contact methods to the list with the following steps:
  1. Select a method of contact from the top drop-down menu of the group.

  2. Enter the value for the selected method in the free-text field.

  3. Click the Add button to include the contact method in the grid. If multiple contact methods are added to the grid, click the corresponding check box in the IsPrimary column to indicate the primary contact method.



Notes Group

Notes or messages regarding the agency can be recorded in this group.

Click the Finish button to save the agency and continue.

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