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Updated 06/25/2021


The Resume Parser Quick Preview functionality was significantly improved in the 16.2 release. Along with the preview improvements described in the bulk of this article, the following changes were a result of the 16.2 release:

  • The Employee > Professional Summary in versions 16.2 and newer of the Core application is now auto-populated with resume information following a resume parse.
  • Advanced Search in all versions is currently limited to only keywords parsed from the resume. 



General Information

A user may parse (import and utilize pieces of information from an uploaded document) a resume into Avionté by using part of the core application or Aero. Resume parsing is performed by a service that breaks a resume into categories (Experience, Contact Information, etc.) then identifies common terms within those categories. A resume parse pulls identifiable information from a document and therefore may not pull an entire resume into the Avionté system. The Resume Panel section below illustrates what is parsed and what isn't.


Resume Parser Quick Preview

The updated Resume Parser Quick Preview applies standardized formatting to parsed resume content so a user can compare parsed information to a likeness of the original resume. 


16.2 and Newer Quick Preview 16.1 and Older Quick Preview


Here is an image of the resume parsed to generate the above preview:


Resume Panel

The Resume panel to the left displays the parsed resume in a standardized format and is not necessarily identical to the actual resume. The format is set according to parameters of the Avionte Resume Processor (ARP) to make every resume appear properly in the panel despite the actual font and style used in the resume. Standardization includes a name in bold and larger than the regular body, contact information separated into its own area, and any asterisked job description lines are now bulleted and left-aligned. 




Personal Data Panel

The Personal Data panel in the upper right and the grid selections below are used to edit the parsed information into the Employee record. Values are changed in the fields and when the Finish button is clicked in the lower right, whatever values exist in the fields will be installed to the Employee record. 



Advanced Search

The Resume Parse Quick Preview is now fully functional in Advanced Search. Terms searched for through Advanced Search are now highlighted in the resume's Quick Preview. 


To perform a search of terms that will be highlighted in a resume's Quick Preview:

  1. Execute an Advanced Search that includes an Employee's Detail > Document as shown below. Visit the Advanced Search article for complete details about how to execute an advanced search.

  2. Select the Employees whose resume Quick Previews will be displayed with highlighted terms.

  3. Select "Quick Preview" from the Action drop-down menu.

    The selected Employee's Quick Preview panels will display highlighted terms executed through Advanced Search.





If the resume parse returns an "Unable to load preview." message, ensure the resume was actually parsed into the system by checking the Employee record against the resume. 

File may be bad (image based, unrecognizable text, etc.) Try a conventional MS Word doc.



If the resume parse returns an "Unable to load preview. An error occurred while connecting to the resume processor." message, there may be an issue with the Avionté Resume Processor. Contact Avionté Technical Support. 



Resume Parse Conditions 

The Avionté Resume Processor works within conditions when determining what data to install to the Employee record when parsing a new resume. Some data will override existing information. 

  • AviontéAgent periodically looks for the most recent resume available
  • If the employee record has no education, the education from the new resume is installed. 
  • If the employee record has no past jobs, past jobs are pulled from the new resume.
  • If there are competencies (skills) available in the new resume, the new competencies will replace what is on the employee record.
  • If the employee record has no Professional Summary then the new resume's Summary or Executive Brief will be used. If both exist, the Summary is considered first, then the Executive Brief. 
  • Any HTML Resume document will overwrite an existing resume document.
  • Document Language is set to the detected human language in the resume.
  • An existing resume preview is overwritten by data from the new resume.


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