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Introduction & Overview

Choice Screening is an industry-leading and BSCC-accredited screening provider with over 15 years of experience in the staffing industry. They offer background checks, drug, alcohol, medical screening, professional verifications, driving records, credit reports, rental history, medical registries, workers compensation, international screening, and more.

Using the Choice Screening integration within the Classic platform provides a way to order background checks and view the results without leaving Avionte.



Integration Features

  • Custom packages
  • Mass order background check packages for a talent
  • Mass order talent background checks
  • Bill back background check fee to customer
  • Configure placement requirements by package
  • In-app results notifications


Plugin Installation & Setup

Note: Before integrating Avionté's software with Choice Screening's employee screening service, your company must have a contract with Choice Screening regarding what services they will provide.  You will also want to contact Avionté to request the integration be made available in your Classic environment.

Note: The setup process for the Choice Screening plugin requires the entry of credentials obtained from Choice Screening. Avionte will work with Choice Screening to acquire the Client ID, Client Secret, Package IDs, Package Names, and Location Codes.

Install/Activate the Plugin

Install and activate the Choice Screening integration within the Background Check Plugins section in Admin Tools.

  1. From the Start Page, select Admin Tools. 
  • Note: Admin Tools can be accessed from the Actions Menu, Shortcuts, or Ctrl + L.
  1. From the Admin Tools Main page, double-click Background Check Plugins.

  2. The Background Check Plugins section will display with a list of background check providers.  Click Install in the Plugin column of the provider's row. When the word "Uninstall" appears in the Plugin column, proceed to the next step.

  3. Click Activate in the Supplier column of the provider's row.

  4. The Select Supplier section is now accessible in the lower-left of the screen. Select a Staffing Supplier from the drop-down menu.  Click the Active check box and select Save Subscription


Configure the Plugin

  1. Complete the configuration by entering values for the Choice Screening properties in the Custom Value column. 


Setting Name



Allows for background check requests to be submitted to Choice Screening in their test environment.

  • Note: Custom Value should always be left blank for a production environment.


Used to indicate the delivery source of the consent form.

  • True – Choice Screening will send the consent form to the employee
  • False – Employer will send the consent form to the employee

Location Code

Choice Screening code associated with an Avionte branch that sends background check requests (Provided by Choice Screening)

Client ID

Client ID for Choice Screening Account (Provided by Choice Screening)

Client Secret

Client Secret for Choice Screening Account (Provided by Choice Screening)


  1. Select Save Settings.

  2. Select the Plugin Packages tab. The Plugin Packages section will be displayed.

  3. Enter the Package ID and Package Name values. 

  4. Click Active.

  5. Click Save Package
  • Note: The entered plugin package now appears in the Settings/Properties section and can be changed by clicking Edit.
  1. Repeat steps 4-6 for any additional packages you have configured with Choice Screening. 

  2. When finished, Choice Screening and the entered packages can be viewed and selected when creating a background check in by navigating to Start Page > Actions > Background Check Request or by navigating to Employee > Background Check

Disable Background Check Plugin or Remove a Subscription

  1. Disable a supplier by unchecking the box marked Active in the Select Supplier section. 
  • Note: This method will preserve all associated history and settings, but the subscription will be hidden in any relevant wizards or windows. 

Remove a Background Check Subscription

  1. In order to delete the subscription, click Delete Subscription on the bottom-left of the section. 
  • Note: Deleting a subscription will delete the history and configuration for the selected staffing supplier. However to delete the settings for all subscriptions for an employee screening provider, it must be uninstalled. 
  1. After clicking Delete Subscription, a confirmation message will appear asking if you wish to continue. Click Yes to remove the subscription.



Uninstall a Background Check Provider

  1. Click Uninstall at the top of the Background Check Plugins page to remove a background check provider.
  • Note: The plugin will remain present on the grid, even if uninstalled. 
  1. After clicking Uninstall, a confirmation message will appear asking if you wish to continue. Click Yes to remove all subscriptions to the background check provider.
  • Note: This will remove the provider from the drop-down menu in the New Background Check Wizard. 

Additional Configuration

Complete the user configuration by granting permission to additional background check functionality.

  1. From the Start Page, select Admin Tools. 
  • Note: Admin Tools can be accessed from the Actions Menu, Shortcuts, or Ctrl + L.
  1. From the Admin Tools Main page, double-click Config Option.


Config Option Name



True: User will be able to view the returned background check results report.

False: User will be able to open the report.


True: An alert will display in the lower left-hand corner of the window when a background check requires attention. 

False: No alert will appear.


True: User will be ale to close a background check request after it has been viewed.

False: Employee will not be able to close a background check request submission.




Background Check Request Prerequisites

A background check request will not work if certain fields on the employee's record are not completed. Ensure that the following fields have a value in the Avionté application.


Required on all Packages

To enter this information, see

First name

Employee Detail

Last name

Employee Detail


Employee Detail

Address, including
   Address line 1
    State or Province
    Postal code

Employee Detail

Date of Birth (DOB)                                
    Format as MM/DD/YYYY

EEO Wizard


Employee Contact Method



Required for Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Packages

To enter this information, see

Driver's license number

Employee Certifications

Driver's license issuing state or province

Employee Certifications



Required for Education Verification Packages

To enter this information, see

School name

Employee Education

School city

Employee Education

School state or province

Employee Education

School country

Employee Education

Degree type earned

Employee Education

Graduation date

Employee Education



Required for Work History Verification Packages

To enter this information, see

Employer name

Employee Past Jobs

Employer city

Employee Past Jobs

Employer state or province

Employee Past Jobs

Job title

Employee Past Jobs

Start and end dates

Employee Past Jobs

Supervisor name

Employee Past Jobs


Associated Articles

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