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Updated 11/19/2021


This article explains how YOU (as a user of the Avionté application) set up a new customer in your Avionte application.


This article is not designed to get your own company set up with the Avionté application. For that, Avionté provides an Implementation, Client Management, and Support Department process to initiate new Avionté customers. 


Add a New Customer

New Customer Tab

Name Group

Address Group

Contact Method Group

Users Group

Contact Role Tab

New Contact Group

Contact Method Group

Contact Role Group

Existing Contact Group

Delete a Contact

Skill Tab

Add Skills

Certification Tab

Add a Certification

Date Tab

Add a Date

Requirement Tab

Add a Requirement

Sales/Service Tab

Sales Info Group

Other Info Group

Lead Info Group

Service Info Group

Unlabeled (Payroll Info) Group

Options Group

Rates Tab

Revenue Opportunity Tab

Revenue Info Group

Revenue Forecasting 1 Group

Revenue Dates Group

Revenue Forecasting 2 Group

Extra Tab

Add an Extra



Add a New Customer



Click the New Customer button from any Front Office > Customer > Sub-Menu Item to open the New Customer wizard.


The New Customer Wizard is separated into 10 tabs - New Customer, Contact Role, Skill, Certification, Date, Requirement, Sales/Service, Rates, Revenue Opportunity, and Extra.


This document is separated according to those 10 tabs. To create a new customer, populate the fields in each tab according to the field definitions below.


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New Customer Tab 

Basic customer contact information is entered into the New Customer tab.


Name Group

Branch Name Name of the branch associated with the customer.
Status Indicates the type of relationship you have with the customer.
Customer Name The name of the customer being created.
Department Name The name of the customer department.


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Address Group

Address Type From the drop-down menu, determine whether this is a main address, billing address, etc.
Country Code Indicate whether this is a US or Canadian customer
Street 1 The street address for the customer.
Street 2 The street address for the customer.
City City where the customer is located.
State/Province The state or province where the customer is located.
Zip Code/Postal Code The zip or postal code where the customer is located.
GEO Code This menu will auto-populate after the zip/postal code has been entered.


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Contact Method Group

  1. Select a contact method from the drop-down menu at the top of the of the Contact Method group.

  2. Enter the contact criteria in the field below.
    1. If the contact method is a primary phone number for the customer, select Main Number from the drop-down and then enter the digits for the number in the field below.
  3. Click the Add button to include the contact method in the grid of the Contact Method group.


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Users Group

Under the Users group, select the appropriate user from the drop-down menu for the associated type.

Click the Next button to continue or, if available, click the Finish button to save data and navigate to the customer summary.


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Contact Role Tab

The Contact Role tab of the new customer wizard is used to relate new and/or existing contacts to the new customer. 


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