Standard AQ - Employee Adobe eSignature Document Info

Report Description

This report lists all completed Adobe eSignature documents for each employee along with the completed date.




Parameter Name



Branch [Employee]

All available branches.


Employee Status

All available employee statuses.


eSignature Document


Filters results by eDocument.

Show Employee Missing Document

Yes, No

When set to 'Yes', displays only those employee who has documents missing or has not filled up. The Date range parameter does not have any effect.

When set to 'No', displays only those employee who has documents completed within the date range parameter.

Start Date (E-Signature Completed Date)


Pull only those documents that were completed and have a completed date within the date range entered.

End Date (E-Signature Completed Date)




Report Fields

Field Name


Employee Branch

Employee Branch.


Pulls EmployeeID.

Bold Talent ID 

Pulls Employee ID from the back office (BOLD).

Employee Name

Employee name who filled the edocument.

Employee Status

Status of the Employee.


If an employee is OnAssignment then the check-box is checked, if not then check-box is unchecked.

Primary Contact Method

Pulls the primary contact method of the employee.

Employee Date Entered

Date of the employee entered in the system.

Employee Entered By

Name of the system user who entered the employee.

eSignature Template Name

Name of the eDocument like I-9, W-4, etc.

eSignature Completed Date

Date on which the eDocument was completed.



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