Deprecated AQs

Below is a list of advanced queries that are no longer available, and their replacements.

Deprecated AQ Replacement
Agency Checks​ Agency >> Agency Check Screen or Paycheck Search Screen​
​Employee 401k AQ ​Employee Benefit AQ
​Customer List Customer Search Screen​
​Contact List Contact Search Screen​
​Employee List Employee Search Screen​
​Paycheck List Paycheck Search Screen​
Invoice List​ Invoice Search Screen​
E-Time Card​ Web Time AQ​
​Assignment Ending Snapshot Ending Assignment List​
​Web Time ​Web Time AQ
Daily Web Time​ Web Time AQ
​Gross Margin By Customer Gross Profit Report​
​Source Of Employee ​Referral Source AQ​
​W2 Count Get Employee Fed W2​
​New Hire Act New Hire Report​
​Active Orders Posted To Web Order Posted To Web​
​Staffing Usage Get System Usage​
​Web Employee Audit Log Audit AQ​
Payroll Note No Replacement
​Job Orders Report Job Order Metrics​
​Uncleared Check by Date Cleared Paychecks By Date or Paycheck Search Screen​
​Sales by State AQ No Replacement
​Vacation/Holiday Eligibility Accrued Hours Report​
​Tax Credit Qualified Employee No Replacement
​Employee Referral Source ​Referral Source AQ
​Employee Tax AQ ​Taxes Summary AQ
​12 Month Look Back Look Back Data Comparison​
​Admin Audit Log ​Audit AQ
​Healthcare LookBack Query ​Healthcare Look Back Report​
​Working Employees with no I9 Should use DRM to prevent this​
​Report AQ Possible Issue AQ​ ​Uses ReportServer but we do not have access. So removing from Standard.
​Federal EEO AQ ​​Federal EEO Reporting AQ
​User Log Stat ​​Monthly User Log
Get PA EIT Details Get PA EIT Details - Tax Name



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