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Standard AQ - Lookback Data Comparison

Report Description

This AQ helps to compare specific numbers in two different time period- weeks, months, quarters and year.




Parameter Name



Date Type

Accounting Period Date, Week Worked


Start Date



End Date



Column to Compare

Gross Wages, Bill Amount, Total Pay, Total Bill, Worker Comp Cost, Gross Profit, Worker Comp Wage, Bill Total Hours, Pay Total Hours, Agency Cost, Payment Cost, Burden, Employer Taxes, Total Adjustment Cost, Discount Amount


Compare By 

Week, Month, Quarter, Year  

Include in Comparison

Transaction Branch, Order Type  

Roll Up to Root Customer




Report Fields

Field Name


Staffing Company


Branch Name


Customer Name


Department Name


Order Type





This depends on time period specified in search parameter

Sales Rep

Config ChoiceCode Main Category = “CustomerUser” SystemName = “SalesRep”

Service Rep

Config ChoiceCode Main Category = “CustomerUser” System Name=“ServiceRep”

Account Manager

Config ChoiceCode Main Category = “CustomerUser” System Name=“AccountManager”

Entered By

Config ChoiceCode Main Category = “CustomerUser”= “EnteredBy”



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