Self-Serve Utilities - Overview

This article serves as an overview of the available AQ utilities. Click the title of a utility to open its specific article.  The Self-Serve Utilities are available in version 17.1 and newer.


Import Templates

Standard import templates are available for download at the bottom of this article. The spreadsheets are standard import templates useful with some of the utilities. At the bottom of this article, click an individual attachment to download it to your computer.


Utility Articles

Each link below opens an article dedicated to the specific utility. Each article contains description details, screenshots, and directions for use. 

Utility Description
Add/Remove Super-User

This utility grants the super-user the ability to add or remove super-user access for other users in their current supplier. The Add or Remove option can be selected from the AQ’s parameters along with the username to be updated.

This utility does not allow a user to grant themselves super-user access or remove permissions from their own user.

Employee Merge

The Employee Merge AQ is used to combine duplicated employee records. Since this AQ modifies data, it can only be run by users with Admin Tools access to increase security. 

Insert Missing Employee Node This utility allows a super-user to insert a missing branch for any employee who belongs to a branch to which the user also has access. Select the employee drop-down menu to display a list of employees without branches. The AQ allows the user to identify the record by name, EmployeeID, and SSN.
Next Available Check Number This utility displays a maximum check number + 1 for each bank to which the user has access. The user enters a bank from the drop-down menu and the AQ generates the next check number to be used.
Remove Global Cash Card Error

Allows the user to remove errors generated during the initial loading of a Global Cash Card.

This utility only allows the removal of errors for the account type of “Global Cash Card.” 

Remove Invoice Correction

This utility enables the removal of any invoice corrections in branches to which the user has access. This AQ also includes:

  • run phases displaying what information will be updated or removed
  • a table backup in the event the Support department has to restore any data afterward
  • an option to remove associated payments to the invoice
In the event that you have performed an invoice merge in error, this tool can be used to undo the merge. This is useful as the Remove Invoice Correction tool does not unmerge invoices if there is no correction involved.
Remove Paycheck Correction This utility is used to remove any paycheck corrections in branches to which the user has access. The AQ rolls back any deductions that were processed on the correction and updates Advance Bank balances back to their original, pre-correction value.
Remove Web Lockout This utility is used to unlock a previously locked web user record (e.g. - reset from too many failed login attempts). A drop-down menu is provided to the user displaying all users who are currently locked out.
Reset Stuck Payment Batch

This utility is used to reset a payroll batch when it is stuck during the printing process. This alleviates the need for a support request to unstick payroll batches using a database script.

This is different from Clear Print Start Date Time as Reset Payroll Batch will reset Print start date time, Print date, and uncheck Print Complete.

Sick Leave Accrual Migrator

The Sick Leave Accrual Migrator is useful when an existing sick plan changes it's parameters. You can now make changes to employees' accrual plans in mass. If a sick leave plan's parameters change, an administrator should first set up the new Accrual Plan with the updated configuration. Then, a Super User can run this AQ to migrate the former plan to the new version.

Update Check Date Allows the user to update the check date for any payroll batch they currently have node-level access to. An analysis run phase has also been added to allow the user to display the checks associated with the batch entered into the AQ’s run parameters.
Update Customer Tree This will move Customer Departments into other Departments (of the same Parent Customer)
Update Invoice Date Allows the user to update the check date for any billing batch they currently have node level access to. An analysis run phase has also been added to allow the user to display the invoices associated with the batch entered into the AQ’s run parameters.
Update Pay/Bill Complete Intended for transactions without paychecks or invoices within the current open accounting period, this AQ allows the user to update the pay/bill complete flags on a transaction level for transactions which are either not included in a payroll or billing batch or both. The user enters the TransactionID from Time Entry and whether they wish to update pay complete, bill complete or both.
Update Portal Password Used to reset user's portal password
Utility Audit This report is used to look up recent changes made by these utilities on a user level. Generated results show any updates made using the utilities described above within a provided date range. It can be run for all users or by individual users who share a supplier with the user currently running the report.
W2 Manual Modifications This AQ is used to add information to Box 14 of the W2 or create W2s for 'S Corp' shareholders.


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