Standard AQ - Workers Comp Claim Detail

Report Description

This report shows all non-cost related details associated with a Workers Comp Claim. This report is a useful resource for claim reporting to customers.





Parameter Name



Branch (WC Claim)

All available branches

Branch Associated with the Wc Claim

Claim Status

All, Closed, Open.

Show all WCClaimClaimStatus Config ChoiceCodes in the dropdown

Start Date (Entered Date)



End Date (Entered Date)





Report Fields

Field Name



Employee Branch

Employee ID

Employee ID


Employee ID in AviontéBOLD (Front Office)

Last Name

Employee Last name

First Name

Employee First name

Middle Name

Employee Middle name


Employee SSN


Employee Full Address


Employee Primary Phone

Claim Number

Claim Number WC Claim Information

Claim Type

Claim Type WC Claim Information

Claim Status

Claim Status WC Claim Information

Injury Date/Time

Injury Date/Time WC Claim Information (system name – InjuryDate)

WC Claim ID

WC Claim ID WC Claim Information

Customer Name

Customer Name

Customer Address

Customer Main Address

WorkSite Address

Customer's Worksite address

Customer Phone

Customer Primary Phone

Job Title

Employee Job Title (WC Claim Assignment Information)

Assignment ID

Employee Assignment ID (WC Claim Assignment Information)

WC Code

Employee WC Code (WC Claim Assignment Information)

Reg Pay Rate

Employee Reg Pay Rate (WC Claim Assignment Information)

Start Date

Assignment Start Date

End Date

Assignment End Date

Modified Duty Date

WC Claim Dates (system name – ModifiedDueDate)

Insurance Notification

WC Claim Dates (system name – InsuranceNotification)

Court Date

WC Claim Dates (system name – CourtDate)

Return to Work Date

WC Claim Dates (system name – ReturnToWorkDate)

Entered Date

WC Claim Dates (system name – EnteredDate)

Entered By

WC Claim Users (system name – EnteredBy)

Body Part Injured

Pulls dynamically; Body Part Injured. Like example – Body Part Injured 1, Body Part Injured 2, etc.


Pulls dynamically; Body Part Injured Notes. Like example – Note 1, Note 2, etc.



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