Standard AQ - Employee Missing Requirement

This report generates a list highlighting any absent employee requirements. The report offers filters for branch selection, various requirement types, and assignment status (on assignment or not). It presents essential employee details such as branch, EmployeeID, full name, SSN, assignment status, and primary address, enabling comprehensive tracking of missing requirements.

Key Takeaways

  1. Missing Employee Requirement Tracking: The report serves as a tool for monitoring missing employee requirements, allowing organizations to ensure compliance and completion of necessary criteria.

  2. Customizable Filtering: With options to filter by branch, requirement type, and assignment status, the report caters to specific needs, enabling targeted analysis of missing requirements within different contexts.

  3. Comprehensive Employee Details: By providing vital employee information like a branch, EmployeeID, full name, SSN, and primary address, the report facilitates a thorough overview of missing requirements while considering the employees' assignment status.

Report Description

This report displays a list of any missing employee requirements.




Parameter Name



Branch (Employee)

All available branches.


Requirement List

Background Checked, Credit Card, Drug Tested etc.

All available requirement list. (Requirement Name from vConfigChoiceProperty)

On Assignment

Both, Yes, No

When Both, show the Employee those are in the assignment and not in the assignment.

When Yes, show the Employee those are in the assignment.

When No, show the Employee those are not in the assignment.



Report Fields

Field Name



Employee branch.


Pulls EmployeeID.

Employee Name

Full name of the employee.


Employee SSN.

On assignment

If an employee is OnAssignment then the check-box is checked, if not then the checkbox is unchecked.


Employee Primary Address (Street1)


Employee Primary Address (Street 2)


City: Employee Primary Address.


State: Employee Primary Address.


Zip Code: Employee Primary Address.  


Employee ID from AviontéBOLD (Front Office).



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