Candidates Tab

The Candidate Summary page allows a Customer to view and accept or reject candidates that have been matched to a placed order.

Review and update Candidate Status

  1. Access the Customer portal and click on the Candidate link in the top navigation icons.
  2. Select from the displayed order or search for the desired order by expanding the upper Search Options panel
  3. Click on the icon on the far left next to the desired order to view the candidates that have been matched to that order.
  4. Select a candidate by clicking on their name. This will redirect you to the Candidate Detail screen.

  5. Review general details about this candidate including any notes attached during the selection.
    Select an action for this candidate:
    1. Post Message: Send the candidate a message
    2. Update: Finalize any Status changes
    3. Accept: Accept this candidate and change their status
    4. Reject: Reject this candidate and change their status
  6. After Approving or Rejecting a candidate a prompt to send a message about the decision will display.
  7. Return to the last screen by navigating Back using your browser or by clicking the Summary link in the left navigation panel.


Vendor Portal Section

This Vendor Portal section contains information on candidates for orders linked to a vendor or agency. 


  • Search Options: Allows a user to each the Candidates in the lower grids
  • Order Candidates Grids: Displays information on the Candidates linked to an order. Clicking the Order ID will take you to the Order Details. Clicking the Candidate name will take you to the Candidate Details Screen.


Candidate Detail

The Candidate Detail screen displays more detailed information on candidates. 
  • Message History: All messages sent between this agency and the candidate.
  • Documents: All Documents attached to this candidate's employee record.
  • Part Jobs: Displays the work history for this candidate.
  • Education: The education institutions and accomplishments
  • Skills: The skills professed by this candidate.
  • Candidate Interview: The questions and answers from interviews conducted with this candidate.
  • Contact Information: The contact information for this candidate.
  • Action Buttons: This allows you to perform actions related to this candidate.
    • Post Message: Send a message attached to this candidate.
    • Update: Updates the Candidates record.
    • Accept: Accept this candidate for this order.
    • Reject: Reject this candidate for this order.


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