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The Home section of the Employee portal is the first page displayed when an employee logs into the Avionté portals. It contains announcement, current assignments, and Messages sections. There are additional sections, located in the left menu, which allow the employee to read and create messages as well as update their account.



In this sections users will see an announcements made available to them by a super-user or site admin. These messages can be entered and controlled from the Avionté core application.


Current Assignments

In this section, users can view and select any of their currently active assignments. The assignments will display along with their: 

Assignment ID  The internal identification number used to track this assignment with Avionté.
Customer Name  The name of the customer who's job order is fulfilled by this assignment.

 The name of the Department responsible for the assignment.

Position  The name of the position worked within the above department.
Shift  The name (e.g. First, Morning, Overnight, etc.) of the shift covered by this assignment.
Start Date  The first day the user will be active for this assignment.
End Date  The last day the user will be active on this assignment. 


View Employee Portal Messages

The Employee Portal Messages screen lets you view your messages and create a new message. From here a user is able to navigate between sections and Log Off. In the submenu, a user is able to View the Home Screen, and Update an Account.

To view a message in more detail, click the Subject. This will pull up the message detail screen, which included the Date it was posted, the Sender, and the Message. From here you are able to Reply to the message, and see any Related messages.


Create Employee Portal Messages

To create a new message, click the New Message button.

This will open a window enabling the user to post a new message.

Fill in the Subject line and the Message and click Post to create a new message. After posting, the message will appear in the lower section.


How to Update an Employee Account

From the Home menu, click the Update Account submenu to edit user account details. 

This section contains the current user's User Name, Password, and Security Questions. Update these fields can be updated, but then click Update to save your changes.



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