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In the eDocuments section of the Employee portal, an employee can log into Avionté and complete any necessary forms and documents that are required for employment. Documents can include the W-4, I-9, EEO, and other related employment forms.



Setup and Status

Instead of completing paper forms, the employee can view, edit, and sign the documents electronically. Once the employee has completed and signed all necessary documents, the employer can log in to the page via a pass code and complete the employer's portion of each form as needed.

As an eDocument progresses through the process of being completed, a status is displayed to indicate the current state of the document. The table below lists and describes these statuses.

eDocument status Description
Input The document has not yet been started and is ready for the employee to enter information.
Pending Review The employee has entered required information, and the document is now ready for the employer to review.
Pending Signature The employer has reviewed the document and entered any employer-required information. The document has not been signed by the employee yet and is ready for the employee's signature.
Pending Final Signature Everything has been completed on the document with the exception of the employer's signature. If the document does not require an employer's signature, the document goes to the "Complete" status.
Complete All required information has been entered and all required signatures have been performed.

Making an eDocument Ready for Completion

There are multiple ways for available eDocuments to appear in this this section for an employee to complete:

All Documents Set Up in the Admin Portal

  • Select an employee in the eDocument Setup section of the Admin Portal.
  • Set the web portal property EmployeeEdocumentListSP to "wp_GetEDocumentList_All_Standard" to populate all of the available eDocuments.

Documents Available Only After a Record is Created in the Core Application

  • Set the web portal property EmployeeEdocumentListSP to call "wp_GetEDocumentList_Selected_Standard" to populate the employee's selected eDocuments.
  • Select the desired employee in the Avionté Core Application.
  • Follow the steps to add an eDocument outlined here.



Employee Completion of eDocuments (Non-Wizard with Signature)

eDocuments can be completed on an individual basis. To complete an eDocument form, the status of the document must be at "Input."
  1. To open an eDocument to enter data, click the Input link that appears in the Status column as shown below.

  2. Once the employee has completed and submitted the eDocument form, the document goes into a "Pending Review" status. Once the employer has reviewed the document, the status will go to "Pending Signature." The Employee: Sign selected documents button will display as enabled as shown below.

  3. At this point, the employee can click the Employee Signature buttons one-by-one, and enter the signature via a mouse or an electronic signature device (see configuration options to enable the electronic signature device option). If there are multiple documents to sign, the employee can click the checkboxes next to each button, click the Employee: Sign selected documents button below the checkboxes, and sign multiple documents at the same time.
    Note: The signature box is in compliance with USCIS and DHS.

  4. Once the signatures are submitted, the eDocuments then display with a status of "Pending Final Signature" if they require the employer's signature. Otherwise, the eDocuments display with a status of "Complete."



Employer Completion of eDocuments (Non-Wizard with Signature)

Once an employee has completed one or more eDocuments and provided the necessary signatures for each, an employer can enable the ability to access the same eDocuments in edit mode. This allows the employer to provide any additional information regarding the employer and signatures on the forms without having to leave the Employee portal. This feature is especially convenient if the employee and employer are together in the same setting working through employment setup. Follow the steps below to enter the employer's electronic signatures:
  1. Enter your site's pass code to authenticate the employer's signature capability. Contact your Avionté administrator if you do not know the pass code.

  2. Click Enable Employer's Signature. When this button is clicked, three columns are added that enable the employer to interact with the eDocuments, along with the Employer: Start Wizard link, and the link at the bottom of the grid changes to Employer: Sign selected documents.

  3. For each eDocument that is at a "Pending Review" status, you will need to review each document and enter the required information for each. To do so, click the View link for each document to review, input information, and submit. Repeat this step for each document.

  4. Once a document is viewed and the information is completed, click Submit on that document. The grid will display the Employer Signature button and the associated text box as enabled.

  5. To sign a single document, click the Employer Signature button. Or, to sign multiple documents at the same time, click the associated checkbox for each document, then click the Employer: Sign selected documents link. The Avionté E-Signature window appears.
    Note: The signature box is in compliance with USCIS and DHS.

  6. Click the Sign button and then enter your signature. If you need to re-enter your signature, click Clear and try again.

  7. Once the signature is entered, click Submit. The selected document(s) will display in the grid with a status of View.



eDocument Wizard: Employee portion

Instead of opening each eDocument individually to complete and sign them, you have the option of using the eDocument wizard option.


  1. Click the Employee: Start Wizard link located to the left and just above the EDocuments grid.

  2. The first eDocument to be completed is displayed in new wizard window, with the list of eDocuments to be completed displayed in the list found to the right. The eDocument displayed is also shown as selected in the eDocument List. Complete the form as necessary. If you have entered partial information and want to come back to this document at a later time, click Save. If you complete the document in its entirety, you can click Next to save and automatically move on to the next document in the list.

  3. Repeat the previous step for each eDocument in the wizard.

  4. The final step in the wizard is to electronically sign the eDocuments. This can be done with a single signature that is applied to all documents. Select all documents to sign by clicking the checkbox to the left of each document in the list. Note that there may be some documents that do not require a signature.

  5. Click the Start Signing button. This enables the signature pad for capture of your signature.
    Note: The signature box is in compliance with USCIS and DHS.

  6. Using the attached signature pad to your workstation, enter your signature. It will display in the window on screen as well.

  7. When finished entering your signature, click the Finish button. The wizard closes and the eDocuments panel reappears with the status the documents changed to:
    • Pending Review if the employer is required to enter information, provide a signature, and a PDF is not automatically generated.

    • View if no employer signature or employer information is required and a PDF is automatically generated.



eDocument wizard: Employer portion

The steps to completion the eDocument wizard from the Employer side are the same as described above in the Employee portion. The only difference is that the employer enters only that information that needs to be completed by the employer.
  1. If you haven't already done so, enter your unique employer pass code, then click Enable Employer's Signature.

  2. The EDocuments panel will now display the Employer: Start Wizard link. Click the link to open the wizard.

  3. Complete the wizard, referring to the steps described above in the Employee portion.




Find a Pass Code

Each employer has their own pass code.


In the event, the process asks to "enable employer signature pad," navigate to Admin Portal > Portal Property > Portal drop-down menu = Admin > search for passcode.

The username is the username used to log into Avionté.



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