Configuring the Electronic W-2 Consent Form

Employees can choose to receive a hard copy of their W-2 in the mail or an electronic copy on the Employee Portal. In order to receive ONLY an electronic W-2 form, the employee must give their consent to receive it electronically.

W-2's for all employees will be posted on the portal, however, if the employee has not consented, a paper copy should also be mailed.

Note: This is only for those on Classic and not on BOLD.

An employee's consent can be recorded through an employee interview question or through a W-2 Consent Form in the eDocuments tab of the Employee Portal. Avionté strongly recommends capturing this information though an eDocument.

See the W2 Process Guide help article for more information on distributing W-2s.



eDocuments Setup

The W-2 Consent eDocument is the preferred setup method for collecting electronic W-2 consent. See the eDocument Request Process and eDocument Request Form articles for more information on how to deploy a W-2 Consent form.

Once the W-2 Consent form has been deployed, it will be available in the Employee Portal under the eDocuments section for each employee. Here, the employee can fill out the consent form to receive their W-2 form electronically.

The eDocument W-2 Consent form will automatically populate the Employee Interview question and the employee's response in the Avionté Core App. 



Admin Portal Configuration 

The following configurations must be made in the Admin portal for the W-2 forms to appear in the Employee Portal. This must be completed so the employee has access to and can fill out the W-2 Consent form.

  1. Log into the Admin portal.

  2. Click Menu on the left menu bar if it is not already selected. 

  3. Select Employee from the Portal drop-down menu.

  4. Select Main Menu from the Menu drop-down list.

  5. Find Pay History under the Menu Label column and make sure the IsVisible checkbox is checked.

  6. Select Pay History from the Menu drop-down list.

  7. Find W-2 under the Menu Label column in the menu list, click View and make sure the IsVisible checkbox is checked.


Employee > Interview Setup Method

Avionté recommends using the eDocuments Setup Method described above to generate the Employee Interview question. However, it is possible to set up the W-2 to populate on the Employee Portal from the Employee > Interview tab.

  1. In the Avionté Core App, navigate to Front Office > Employee > Interview

  2. Under the Question column in the Enter New Here section, select Electronic W-2 from the drop-down menu.
    Note: An interview question must be set up. For more information on how to set up an Employee Interview Question, see the Employee Interview article. 

  3. Type either YES or NO in the blank field under the Answer column. 

  4. Press Tab on the keyboard to save the question and answer. The question and answer will move to the top of the window. 


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