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Updated 06/24/2021
Note: This integration is available in versions 15.1 and newer.
  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > Time Entry > Home > Actions menu

  2. Click Show Peoplenet Time View.

  3. Click on the Imported - Pay Files tab.

  4. Select the desired pay file, and expand the view by clicking the plus sign next to the pay file.

  5. Review the punches to ensure they are correct.

  6. Click the Process button for the selected pay file.

  7. Ensure the accounting period in the pop-up window is correct. Click Yes to continue.

    • If the accounting period is not correct, click No and return to the home page of Time Entry and choose the correct accounting period.

    • Once the accounting period is correct, follow the steps 1-4 in this section, and click Yes to continue.

  8. A pop-up dialogue will display the total number of files successfully processed. Click OK to continue. After the payfile has been processed, a batch will automatically be created in Time Entry.

    Note: Any errors that occur during this process will populate in the lower portion of the window in the Pay File Processing Errors section.

  9. To review the processed pay file, navigate to Back Office > Time Entry > Actions > Show Sheet View or Show Card View.

  10. Review and verify the transactions are correct. View the daily punches for each employee in CardView.

  11. Click Verify Batch. Resolve any errors that occur.

  12. Click Close Batch to close the batch.

  13. Continue to process Payroll as normal. 

May 2020 Update:

The PeopleNet integration sends assignment data from the CLASSIC Application to PeopleNet on a nightly basisSome logic helped this gap by sending assignments as they were created, so that time could be captured against them sooner. However, this "instant send" capability does not work for customers using BOLD, since they are not entering assignments in CLASSIC.
To address this, we increased the frequency for which the sender picks up assignments, to an hourly rate. This replaced the nightly rate.

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