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Updated 07/06/2021



Customer setup

In the Avionté core application, the option to use a time clock must be set for the customer.

  1. In the Customer section, search for the customer for which the new time clock is to be set up.
    Note: The time clock can only be set up on the root customer, not at the department level.

  2. Click the Sales & Service subgroup menu option.

  3. Click the Service Info tab in the upper-right portion of the window. 

  4. Check the Use Time Clock option, then tab out off the control to save the change.



Set up new time clock in Admin Portal

  1. Log into the Admin portal.

  2. Click the TimeClock link in the horizontal main menu bar. The TimeClock page appears. The TimeClockSetup link and panel are selected and displayed by default.

  3. In the TimeClock setup panel, click New Time Clock. The Time Clock window appears.

  4. From the Root Customer drop-down list, select the customer.

  5. Enter a Description that will appear for the timeclock. The description serves as the timeclock's name to the user.

  6. If the timeclock is to be made available for use at this time, check Is Active.

  7. Click Add to create the timeclock.


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