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Updated 07/07/2021
The Summary item of the Agency section displays basic information regarding the agency as well as the shortcuts for navigating the section.


The information in the Summary item of the Agency is displayed in the following groups:

Agency Info Group

Field Description
Agency Name Full name of the agency.
Short Name Abbreviation or nickname for the agency.
Department Name Name of the agency department.
Main Address Primary address for the agency's location.
Reference ID Identification number used to catalog the agency.
Status Indicates the degree of activity for the agency.
FEIN The agency's Federal Employment Identification Number.



Notes Group

Insert text into the field and press Tab on the keyboard to save the note. 



Shortcut Group

The shortcut group contains popular options available from the Actions menu. Right-click on a button to select a new option from the Actions menu.


Billing Profile Group

Field Description
Branch Name Name of a specific branch within the agency. e.g. - Agency West and Agency East
Account Manager The account manager responsible for servicing the agency.



Contact Method Group

This group displays all active methods to get in touch with the agency.


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