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This article provides documents used in the eDocument request process described in the eDocument Request Process article. Fill out the article attached to this page, then follow the process in the eDocument Request Process article. 

Visit the eDocument Pricing article for pricing information. 



Complete the Form

When requesting a new eDocument, the EdocRequestFormNEW spreadsheet (eDocument Request Form) must be completed. The steps below describe how to complete the form. A completed sample of an eDocument Request Form is attached to the bottom of this article and can be used as a guideline.

  1. Finalize content of eDocument (example Document attached to this article)

  2. Fill out the questions at the top of the New eDocument Request Form sheet

  • Edocument Title: This is the title you would like for the requested eDocument (Note: No special characters are allowed)
  • What type of file will be provided? This is the file type of the sample to create the eDocument from. If including a Word and PDF file, choose Word for this question.
  • What is the total word count of the document? Enter the total word count for this question. This can be found by opening the document in Microsoft Word or using a word counter such as https://wordcounter.net/
  • Does the document include a logo (or other image)? Select Yes if there is a logo or any images on the eDocument. Otherwise select No here.
  • What type of signature is required? There are three signature types you can choose from: checkbox, signature pad, and mouse. Select the type you would like to use for this eDocument, or none if no signature is required. (Note: It is possible to have some eDocuments with checkbox signature option, and others with signature pad/mouse signature option. The Admin Portal Property Setting - Web_EDocument_UseSignatureDevice controls which signature device is used (signature pad or mouse), so it is not possible to have some eDocuments with a mouse signature and others with a signature pad signature. 
    • For the mouse to work with the signature pad, “&pad=true” must be included at the end of the employee portal address/link.
  • Is Employee Signature required? Select Yes if the employee must sign the eDocument. Otherwise select No. 
  • Is Employer Signature required? Select Yes if the employer (an Avionte user) must sign the eDocument. Otherwise select No. 
  • Should the eDoc Auto Generate PDF for eDoc after completion? Select Yes if a PDF should be created of the completed eDocument. Otherwise select No. (Note: It is recommended to choose Yes when creating an eDocument with text that is likely to change, such as a handbook agreement. Creating the PDF after completion will provide a PDF copy of the text at the time the eDocument was completed.)
  • Should the eDoc be disabled (on the employee portal) after completion? Select Yes if the eDocument should appear in the eDocument list on the employee portal, but greyed out (so it cannot be selected to open and view). Otherwise choose No.
  • Should the eDoc be hidden (on the employee portal) after completion? Select Yes if the eDocument should not appear on the employee portal after it is completed. Otherwise choose No.
  • Is the Employer Portion required to be filled out? Select Yes if it is required that the employer portion be filled out for the eDocument to be completed. Otherwise choose No.

  • Create a mockup of the eDocument with the input fields labeled 
  • To do this you can take a screenshot(s) the document and label the fields using an image editor. Or print the document, label the fields by hand, and submit the scanned document. 

  • Fill out the eDocument Field Details table (see EXAMPLE eDoc Request Form sheet in the EdocRequestFormNEW spreadsheet for an example using mockup above)

    • Employee - Employee is the only one able to edit field
    • Employer - Employer / Avionte user is the only one able to edit the field
    • Both - Both employee and employer can edit the field
    • None - This is a non-editable field 
    • Employee Name Field: First Middle Last
    • Date Field: mm/dd/yyyy
    • SSN Field: 999-99-9999
    • Field and label should be visible/hidden based on selection 
    • Checkbox group that you can only select one option in
    • Date entered in date field is within a selected date range
  • Key #: This refers to the label for the field on the mockup created
  • Field Name: Enter the text label for the field here (does not have to be complete text)
  • Completed By: Select who should complete this field 
  • Required: Select Yes if this field must have a value. Otherwise select No.
  • PrePopulated From: Indicate what section in Avionte the field value should be pulled from. 
  • Field Type: Choose the appropriate field type (Note: If using a checkbox signature, for any signature fields please choose EE Signature or ER Signature option.)
  • Formatting: Indicate the formatting that should be used for this field. See examples below:
  • Validation or Custom Logic Required: Select Yes if the field needs any custom verification or logic. See examples below:
  • Additional Notes: Enter any custom logic or validation notes or any details related to the field no covered in other columns

  • After the request form has been completed view the "New Custom eDoc Calc" sheet for the cost to create the requested eDocument.
  • An SOW will be sent with the final total price after the EdocRequestFormNEW spreadsheet has been reviewed by a member of the Technical Services team. Normally, the price shown on this page is the total that will be charged, however, some adjustments may be made to the form if information is missing or information is filled incorrectly. Changes may result in cost changes. 



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