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Updated 07/07/2021
The Service Info item of the Agency section allows users to make changes to payment options. 

The Service Info item houses the Payment Options group. The Payment Options group contains the following fields:
Field Description
Require Invoice Pay

A checked box prompts an invoice to be created and sent to the agency before the employees are paid. If the box is unchecked, employees can be paid without an invoice being created and sent.


This is primarily used for Staffing Supplier Vendors (Agency Type). Checking this box holds Payroll transactions that are tied to Agency employees until the Customer has paid the related invoice. Basically, it stops the system from creating SubAgency pay for that Staffing Supplier until the Customer pays for the related transactions. 

Pay Not Required This is primarily used for Deduction Authorities (Agency Type). Checking this box indicates the deduction authority check is not being created in Avionté. Checking this box stops those deduction authority transactions from accumulating in Payroll. If the box is unchecked, checks have to be cut each week or a 'Clear AP' items payroll batch would have to be processed. 
Payment delay in days The number of days after the week worked that payment to the agency may be delayed.
Payment beginning date The due date of payment to the agency. Click the drop-down menu and select a date from the calendar.




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