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Updated 11/19/2021
To access the New Department wizard,
  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Front Office > Agency
  2. Search for an Agency. Use the "%" symbol in the Search Criteria  field to search for all agencies.
  3. Double-click on the Agency to which you will be adding a department. 
  4. From the Actions menu, select Add Dept.


The New Department wizard allows a user to enter a department into an existing entity.
When opened, the top two fields (Name and Department) will display default values derived from the starting entity and will not be editable.
Populate the remaining fields according to the definitions below. 
Branch Name Select the appropriate branch from the drop-down menu.
Status Indicate where the department is in the sales process.
New Department Name The name of the new department.


Placing a check mark in the Copy Information From Parent Account check box enables the inclusion of specific information from the current department into the new department.


Select the information to copy from the current department by checking the box in the Copy Customer Department group that corresponds to the data that will be copied to the new department.

Click Finish to save and close the wizard.


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