Updated 07/08/2021
The EEO option of the Actions menu opens a window that allows a user to enter EEO information for an employee.
Note: To view EEO information, a user must have been granted permission under the Admin Tools Config Option EEOViewPermission.
  1. Click the New EEO button to clear the information.

  2. Enter the Employee EEO:

    Field Description
    Date of Birth The date of birth for this employee.
    Sex The gender association chosen by this employee.
    Race The ethnicity this employee associates with.
    Veteran Status If this employee has served in the armed forces.
  3. Enter the User/Date:

    Field Description
    Entered By The user that entered EEO information for this employee.
    Date Entered The date this EEO information was entered.
  4. Click the Save EEO button to save this information for this user.


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