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This article defines the basic elements of the Customer > PEO page. For details about the setup and addition of a new Professional Employment Organization, visit the Create a New PEO Customer article.
The PEO (Professional Employment Organization) section of the Customer sub-menu enables the creation and modification of PEO transactions that will be used on invoices for customers.
Entries entered here will be processed and added when a Payment Batch is posted.
NoteThe Is PEO checkbox must be marked for each customer in the Service Info section of Sales and Service before PEO charges will be added.


PEO Grid Columns

Field Description Additional Information
InvoiceText The name of the PEO transaction as it will appear on the invoice.  
PropertyName The type of calculation used for this transaction (Passthrough or Percent).  
DerivedTypeName Select the type of calculation (Burden, Tax, etc) used in this transaction.  
PEOValue Enter a numerical value for calculations used in this transaction:
  • For percent: Enter the percentage this transaction will be marked up.
  • For passthrough: Enter zero.
  • For any additional fees: Enter the dollar value that will be added by this transaction.
A stored procedure will need to be created or modified in this case. In this case, neither percent or passthrough should be selected as the PropertyName during setup.
IsActive A check box indicating if this transaction will be applied to a customer's invoice.  
Edit Clicking this button will open the Add New PEO Billing wizard with this transaction's information inserted.  

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