Standard AQ - ACA Import Employee Status Declarations

This Import is for the Avionte ACA package.   If you're interested in learning more about the ACA package, please contact your Account Manager. 


Report Description

The import is available as a Processing Method for Employee Declarations (ACA Import Employee Status Declarations).  





Sample ACA Declarations Import


  1. Click on Import Export
  2. Click on the Import Export Batch Wizard button


  3. Select the following options:
    1. Mapping Group: ACA Import
    2. Processing Method: ACA Import Employee Status Declarations


    3. Description: Type in a note regarding the import.
    4. Browse: Locate and select the file that you would like to import.
      Note: Please ensure the file is not open on your computer, otherwise it may not import.
    5. Enter in the parameters
      1. Year: Select a year from the dropdown menu.
      2. Employer: Select an Employer from the dropdown menu.


    6. Select the Worksheet name from your file
    7. If your import has headings in Row 1, leave the option selected otherwise un-check it.
      1. WorkSheet Contains Column Names In First Row
    8. Click on the Finish button 


    9. Verify that the import was processed successfully, using one of the following methods.
      1. Review the Batch to ensure it was processed
      2. Check the Employee in the ACA Companion (Employee Details) in the Manage Eligibility section.
        1. This should show the Declaration Date and Status.



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