Import Connect Time Sheets


  1. Open the Avionté core application for Back Office. 

  2. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Time Entry.


  3. Select an Accounting Period from the drop-down menu.


  4. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Import Connect Time Sheets


  5. From the Import Connect Time Sheet window, select the time sheets you would like to be imported from the Available section.

    Note: Time sheets selected from the Available section will be added to the Collection section to be ready for import. 


  6. Once all time sheets have been selected, enter a description and click Import to import the time sheets into Sheet View.


  7. Identify the Time Entry Batch I.D. that your imported time sheets are now associated with and click OK.


  8. Return to the Time Entry home screen and navigate to Sheet View either by selecting the Show SheetView shortcut or by selecting the Sheet View sub menu option.

  9. From Sheet View, locate your Connect Time Sheet Import batch by selecting the corresponding batch I.D. from the Batch ID column.


  10. Make any necessary adjustments to the time sheet entries via the Card View submenu option (or right-click a transaction and select Card View).

    Note: Within Card View, time entered can only be adjusted per individual day via the Day side tab.


  11. Once all time has been imported and adjusted as needed, select Verify Batch to check for errors with any of the Time Entry transactions in your batch.

    Note: It is recommended to always select Yes if the system prompts you to review any errors


  12. Review, correct, or approve the errors as necessary and re-verify the batch until there are no more errors. Select OK once your batch is verified with no errors. 


  13. Once the batch is verified with no errors, select Close Batch to complete the time entry process for connect time sheets and click OK.

    Note: These transactions are now available to be processed for payroll and billing



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