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Updated 06/25/2021


The Vendor Portal can be configured and set up for each individual user. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure that the Vendor Portal is set up correctly for each user.




Ensure that the Vendor Portal is working properly by completing the steps outlined in the Vendor (VMS) Portal Test article. Completing the steps outlined in this article ensure that the Vendor Portal has been correctly set up and is ready for further configuration.



Contact Web Login

Access to the Vendor Portal is provided to individual contacts listed in the Avionté core application. Each contact has a unique username and password.

See the Contact Actions Menu - Web Login article for more information on setting up web login credentials for each user. 

Contact Permissions/ Settings

Every contact who uses the Vendor portal has configurable properties associated with that username. To view and adjust those configurable properties, follow the steps outlined below. 

  1.  From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Agency.

  2. Search for an Agency using the search fields at the top of the application.

  3. Double-click on an Agency's name in the grid. 

  4. In the sub-tree, click Contact Roles


  5. Locate a contact name from the grid. 


  6. Click the propertybutton_1.png button under the Property column. The Web Portal Property window displays. 


  7. Update the following Web Portal Properties with either as either "True" or "False" in the Value column. Selecting "True" grants permissions for that property while "False" denies permission. For more details on a given property, click the (speech bubble) icon under the Desc column. A list of Web Portal properties is listed below


  8. Click Finish when all properties have been updated.



Web Portal Properties

A list of the Web Portal Properties that can be configured in the Web Portal Property window are listed below.

Property Description Valid Values Where
AgencyReceiveOrderNotification When you "Show Agency" on an order, this contact will receive an email notification. True or False Core Application: Order > Actions > Show Agency
AllowAgencyAcceptCandidate If the candidate page is visible, the contact is able to accept candidates. True or False Vendor Portal: Candidates
AllowAgencyPostMessage Contact is able to post messages from the Web Portal. The messages are listed in the Contact's profile within the core application. Contacts are only able to see messages they post. They cannot see the entire message history as it appears in the core application. True or False Vendor Portal: Home
AllowAgenncyRejectCandidate If the candidate page is visible, the contact is able to reject candidates. True or False Vendor Portal: Candidates
AllowAgencyUpdateCandidateStatus If the candidate page is visible, the contact is able to change a candidates status. True or False Vendor Portal: Candidates
IsDefaultContact Indicates that this is the Agency's default contact for portal related items such as notifications. True or False Core Application: Agency
AllowAgencyApproveRejectTimeCard If Time Entry is visible, the contact is able to Approve and/or Reject timecards.  True or False Vendor Portal: Time Entry
AllowAgencySaveSubmitTimeCard If Time Entry is visible, the contact is able to Save and/or Submit time cards. True or False Vendor Portal: Time Entry



Admin Portal: Configure Vendor Portal Menus

The Vendor Portal menu and portal properties are configured in the Admin Portal. The following instructions can be used to help users set up specific areas and properties in the Admin Portal. 

  1. Log into the Admin Portal.

  2. Click Menu on the left menu bar.


  3. From the Portal drop-down menu, select Vendor.


  4. From the Menu drop-down menu, select a section to configure. For a list of all Vendor sections and menus, see the Vendor Portal Menus section below


  5. To set parameters for a specific item, click the View link to the right of the item. The item's Portal Menu Detail will display in a pop-up window. 


  6. To set the item as "Visible", place a checkmark in the Is Visible checkbox. 


  7. Place a checkmark next to the individual branches that item should be visible for. To select all branches, click the Select All button. Clicking this button will place a checkmark next to every branch.


  8. Click Update at the bottom of the window once the changes have been made.


  9. Repeat Steps 4-8 until the Vendor Portal has been sufficiently configured. 


Vendor Portal Menus

The Vendor Portal menu items that can be configured per each supplier are listed in the outline below.


  • Summary
  • Messages
  • Update Account



  • Employee List
  • New Employee


Job Orders

  • Summary
  • Assignments



  • Summary


Time Entry

  • Summary
  • Time Card Approval
  • Group Time



  • Summary


Admin Portal: Vendor Portal Properties

The Vendor Portal properties can be configured. 

  1. Log into the Admin Portal.

  2. Click Portal Property on the left menu bar. 


  3. From the Portals drop-down menu, select Vendor.


  4. Search for a property by entering text into the search field and click Search or scroll through the property list to select a specific property to update. A list of Vendor Portal Properties is listed below


  5. Update the text in the Value field for each branch listed below. If the same value is used for every branch, enter the value in the first text field and check the box to apply that change to every branch.


  6. When all branches have been updated, click Update, located at the bottom of the supplier list.


  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 for any item in the Property list. 


Vendor Portal Properties


Home (Main Menu)

Web_Vendor_Home_ShowAnnouncement Web_Vendor_Home_ShowNotification
Web_Vendor_Home_ShowAssignment Web_Vendor_Home_ShowTask


Job Orders

Web_Vendor_Order_DateSearchType Web_Vendor_OrderDetail_Show_UpdateAssignment_Button
Web_Vendor_Order_SearchType Web_Vendor_OrderCandidate_DH_Status
Web_Vendor_OrderDetail_Show_GoogleMap_Button Web_Vendor_OrderCandidate_Status


Time Entry

Web_TimeEntry_Note_Vendor Web_Vendor_TimeEntry_ShowApproveReject_Button



Web_EmployeeDetailPanel_HideList Web_Vendor_Show_Employee_ContactMethod
Web_New_Employee_Show_AddPastJobBtn Web_Vendor_Show_GeoCode
Web_New_Employee_Show_AddSkillBtn Web_Vendor_Show_Tax


Job Orders > Assignments

Web_Vendor_NewAssignment_AssignmentTypeConfigSyatemChoiceID Web_Vendor_Assignment_DateSearchType
Web_Vendor_NewAssignment_DateTypeConfigChoiceID Web_Vendor_Assignment_SearchType
Web_Vendor_NewAssignment_SearchType Web_Vendor_Update_Assignment_RateShowType




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