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Updated 06/25/2021



  • Self-Hosted clients need to complete and submit the Portal Email Setup Worksheet.
  • Existing job board content in the Avionté portals will eventually be migrated to the Aero platform's job board. 


Avionté Core Application: Post a Job

  1. Open the Avionté Core Application.

  2. Ensure that an email profile has been setup. For setup instructions, see Actions Menu - Email Profile.

  3. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Order 

  4. Create or search for an order.

    Action Description
    Create an Order Click New Order

    For more information on creating a new order, see New Temp Order Wizard.
    Search for an Order Use the fields at the top of the window to search for a specific area. 

  5. Once you have selected an order, click the Actions drop-down menu on the Summary page.

  6. Click Post Order to Web. The "Post Order to Web" screen displays.

  7. Fill out the necessary fields. For more information on completing this information, see Post Order to Web.
    Note: Grayed out fields will not show on the portal.

  8. On the "Submit" tab of the window, check the "IsActive" box is next to "Avionte Job Portal." 

    Note: If this box is not checked, the job will not appear on the Avionté job portal site.

  9. Click Finish.

    Notes If a job has the status of "Filled" or the end date has passed, it will automatically be removed from the portal.
    A job can be manually removed from the portal by unchecking the "IsActive" box on the "Submit" tab of the "Post Order to Web" screen.



Avionté Job Board: Post a Job

  1. Open the Avionté Job Board link and enter your login credentials. 

  2. Verify that the page is set up to your company's specifications (i.e. required fields, verbiage, etc.) Pay special attention to the items below: 

    Item Description
    Logo Ensure your company's logo is visible in the upper left corner.
    Color Scheme Ensure that the colors match your company's color scheme.
    Main Tab Options Ensure that the options you chose on the main tab of your Job Board Worksheet are available.
  3. Confirm that the job you posted in the core application appears in the window. 

  4. If more than one job is posted, use the search options to test the search parameters. Enter search criteria and click Search.

  5. Click View Detail in the lower left corner to view additional details about a specific job posting. 

  6. Click Back and Email this job to your friends to ensure that the buttons function as expected.

  7. Click Apply to verify that this button takes the candidate to the required login screen.

  8. Create and submit and an employee application. 


Avionté Core Application Verification

  1. Verify that the employee application processed correctly in the Avionté Core Application by checking the following places: 

    Place to Verify a Submitted Employee Application Steps
    Employee > Candidate
    1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Employee

    2. Search for the name of the employee on the employee application using the search fields at the top screen.

    3. Select Candidate from the sub-menu. 

    4. Ensure that the application is visible in the main screen.

    For more information, see Employee Candidate.

    Order > Candidates or Order > Candidate
    1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Order

    2. Search for order you submitted the employee application for using the search fields at the top of the screen. 

    3. Select Candidate or Candidates from the sub-menu.

    4. Ensure that the applicant is listed.

    For more information, see Order Candidate or Order Candidates.

    Customer > Candidate > Order Candidate
    1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Customer

    2. Search for the customer who matches the employee application that was just submitted using the search fields at the top of the screen.

    3. Select Candidate from the sub-menu.

    4. Ensure the applicant is visible on the Order Candidate tab.

    For more information, see Customer Candidate.


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