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Updated 06/07/2022


Time card documents - such as those scanned by barcode hardware - can be imported into the Avionté system for use in back office processing. 




Activation is enabled per client. Contact your Strategic Account Executive to activate the Time Card Upload functionality. The functionality is enabled by a feature flag. 

Avionté does not supply or recommend scanning hardware. 




  1. In Suite, navigate to Time Entry > Sheet View

  2. Enter in time for each employee.

  3. For each row of time entered, enter the bar code assigned to the employee into the Barcode column.
    • One employee can have multiple bar codes (ensure there are not spaces between commas when listing bar code numbers - ex. 0011,0012)
    • The Time Entry batch does not need to be closed.

  4. In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Time card upload

  5. Click Choose Files

  6. Select a file (or multiple) to upload from the computer folder. 
    • Multiple files can be uploaded at one time
    • Files may only be uploaded from one folder at a time

  7. Click Upload documents
    • A historical status of what has been uploaded does NOT show.
    • An "Uploaded successfully" message confirms the action
      • As of the 9/13/18 release, this confirmation message is provided whenever an upload is initiated, whether it was successful or not.  This is a bug and a request has been made of Dev.  
      • Files may only be uploaded If users have files in multiple folders, they can’t upload contents of multiple folders. Each folders contents have to be uploaded individually.

  8. To attach time cards to transactions, in Suite, navigate to Core Application > Time Entry > Home > Actions > Process Uploaded Time Cards

    • When this screen is initially opened, if time cards have not yet uploaded from the  Recruiter Module, a "Reload" and "Process" button will be shown. At this time, the user could leave this screen open and go to Recruiter Module to upload time cards then select “Reload”.  However, the "Reload" button may only be used once per batch.  Any additional cards that would be uploaded via Recruiter Module would closing out of this Process Uploaded Time Cards screen which would delete any time cards that were not able to load.

      Instead of returning to the Recruiter Module, then reloading in Suite, the recommended workflow is to first upload time cards, then open the “Process uploaded timecard” screen, process time cards, close this screen, and repeat. This ensures time cards are not deleted. 

  9. Click Process. The system will attach the files to transactions.
    • An update will display each time a time card is attached to a transaction. 



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