Add a Contact

A "Contact" usually refers to someone that:

  • works for the customer of a staffing agency
  • coordinates employment staffing for a customer group
  • can be any role, but are normally involved in the staffing process

After adding a contact, the contact record is available through the core application's Contact feature and through the Avionté Web Platform's Contact feature. 

  1. Click  at the top of the Contact page. The Add contact pop-up will display.

  2. Enter data into the fields according to these field definitions:
    Field Description
    First name The contact's first name.
    Last name The contact's last name.
    Company name The company the client works for.
    Contact method The method of contact or communication. Select a contact method from the drop-down menu.
    (contact method data) The data associated to the specific Contact method noted in the field above. This field will become available and formatted according to the selection made in the Contact method field.
  3. Select Done to save the contact. The contact will now be added to the list of other contacts with its own contact card.


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