Order Cards Overview

Order Cards provide a quick, simplified view of information related to an order. The Order Card features dynamic links that display further details about the order.

This page provides an overview of an order card created in Avionté Web Platform. All parts of an order card are defined here, but some content is linked to pages providing more in-depth information.


Order Card Header


Company Name The name of the company making the request to the staffing agency.
Order Number A sequenced number automatically generated each time a new order is created.
Position Name The title of the position being filled.
Order Status An interactive button that designates the status of the order - Open, Closed, etc.
Actions Menu See the Order Actions Menu table below.


Order Card Actions Menu


Add candidate to Order

Avionté Web Platform users are able to associate a candidate to an order from multiple places in the application including the Order Card.

  1. Associate a candidate with an order by selecting Add as candidate to order from the Actions menu on an Order.
  2. The Add candidate to order pop-up will display. Enter a candidate's name in the "Enter talent's name..." field. A list of candidates will begin appear in the drop-down menu as search terms are entered into the field.

  3. Once the candidate has been located in the drop-down menu, click the name to select the candidate.

  4. Click the Add button to associate the candidate with the selected order and close the pop-up window. The candidate is now associated with the order.


Order Card QuickLinks

Element Description
The phone number for the company.
The email address for the company.
Expands a list of current candidates and auto suggested candidates. Once the Candidates icon has been selected, the icon toggles to a BACK button which collapses the expanded list of Candidates. For more information on Candidates, see the Candidates Overview article. 
Navigates to a Details page with more in-depth information about the position. Once the Details icon has been selected, the icon toggles to a BACK button which collapses the in-depth Details section.


Order Card Summary

Element Description
Salary Range The salary value for the position. A minimum/maximum range may be shown, or, if the minimum and maximum values are the same, only one value will be shown.
Priority An information-only setting that a recruiter can put on an order that reflects the importance of that order. Values can be Priority A, B, or C.
Summary A summary-level description of the position. The DETAILS button can be used to open a Details section below the order card. 


Order Card QuickView Links

Element Description
Progress The Progress QuickView generates a display of the status of the order (date created, current status, etc.) as well as Placement information (number of applicants that have applied to the order, etc.)
Qualifications The Qualifications QuickView generates a display of the qualifications associated with the order and allows the editing of specific competencies and qualifications required for the position. 
Contacts The Contacts QuickView generates a display of summary contact information about the company officers filling the position. 

A log of all messages associated with the selected Order card.  Messages logged in either the Core Application or Recruiter Module are displayed in the Messages QuickView.

See Avionté Web Platform FAQ for more information about messages.



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