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Updated 08/02/2021



Companies can be added through the Avionté Web Platform  as well as through the Avionté Suite (where they're referred to as "customers". 


The familiar  icon is available near the top of the Company section. Clicking the icon generates a window of fields looking for company details like company name street address. 


Once a company has been created, its details are edited in the same manner as other Avionté Web Platform elements. Simply click in the text to edit the info. 



Add a Company Video




Add a Company

  1. Navigate to Avionté Web Platform> Company

  2. Click the mceclip0.png icon near the top of the page. The Add company fields generate. 

  3. Populate the fields according to these definitions. 


Field Description
Name The name of your customer's company. 
Branch The supplier branch that will manage the company by default. The branch can be edited.
Status The company's current status - active, inactive, etc.
Industry code A descriptive occupational code to categorize the company's industry.
Country The country in which the company is located.
Street 1 The street address of the company.
Street 2 A secondary field used for additional address data - suite #, Dock B, etc.
City The city in which the company is located.

The state in which the company is located.

State becomes "Province" if the country is Canada.

Zip code

The Zip code in which the company is located.

Zip code becomes "Postal Code" if the country is not the United States.

Main phone The company's general phone number.



Edit a Company

Company information is arranged according to the characteristics of the information - name and location are located in the General info QuickView; phone and fax numbers are in the Contact information area; a description of the company can be edited in the Summary section of the Company card.



General Info

The General info QuickView stores basic data such as the company name, industry code, and address. From the General info QuickView, click the edit icon in the upper-right. 



Contact Information

Phone numbers and email addresses are located in the Details QuickLink > Contact information area.


From the Company card, click the "... Details" icon to view the Contact information area. 




A broad description of the company can be entered into the Summary space of the company card. Click the edit icon to add or change the free-text description of the company.



Manage Company Hierarchy

Any company available in Avionté Web Platform features an editable display of the company's structure - its hierarchy - set up in the application. 


Access each company's (or its department's) hierarchy through the Company > Details QuickLink.


The hierarchy editor features a collapsing/expanding structure with options available for each level:


The Edit icon enables editing of the level's data, such as the level's name or street address. 
The New Tab icon opens the entire page in a new browser tab so a user can view new content without losing content on the original tab.
The Add icon is used to create a level within the level where the Add icon was clicked. Users may add departments until the hierarchy is five levels. The maximum depth that the hierarchy will display before requiring a scroll is 16.




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