Standard AQ - Employee Certification

Report Description

This AQ populates employee certification data to pull all available assigned or missing certifications for the employee between a selected date, assignment, hire or paycheck date.




Parameter Name



Branch (Employee)

All available branches


Date Type

Active Assignment, Date Entered, First Paycheck Date, Hire Date, Last Paycheck Date, Paycheck Date

Isolate calendar date search to only look at specific date type in the range. This refers to the Employee Dates, not the Document Date.

Start Date

Select date from calendar

Employee Date Entered

End Date

Select date from calendar

Employee Date Entered

Employee Status

All available employee statuses 



All available certification types


Missing Certifications


Yes = Employees missing a specified certification.
No = Employees with specified certification.

Customer Name

Free-text field

The user can run the AQ for a specific customer record and also use the parameter of Certification to see who was assigned at the customer between certain dates. The user can see if the record has a certification or has it missing.


Report Fields


Field Name


Staffing Company

Employee’s Employer


Employee’s Branch

Employee ID

Employee’s ID

Bold Talent ID

Employee’s ID in front office (BOLD)

Employee Name

Employee’s Full Name

On Assignment

Check Mark = On Assignment / No Check Mark = Not on Assignment

Primary Contact

Phone Number or Email Address

Employee Status

Current Employment Status of Employee  

Last Paycheck Date

Employee’s Last Paycheck Date

First Paycheck Date

Employee’s First Paycheck Date

Certification Type

Name of Certification Type

Certification Issuing Authority

Issuing Authority (if any) Associated with Employee Certification   

Certification Number

Certification Number (if any) Associated with Employee Certification  

Certification Issue Date

Date of Issuance for Employee Certification

Certification Expiration Date

Date of Expiration for Employee Certification

Certification Validation Date

Date of Validation for Employee Certification

Certification Note

Certification Note (if any) Associated with Employee Certification  

Missing Certification

Yes = Employees missing a specified certification
No = Employees with specified certification


Agency associated with the Employee


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