Handling Sick Leave Accruals

Processing Sick Leave affects many different areas of Avionté from Time Entry to Reporting. The sections below describe how to handle sick leave accruals in Time Entry, Payroll Processing and Reporting


This article is part of series that describes processing sick leave for employees.

Sick Leave Overview

Sick Leave Setup

Sick Leave DRM Setup

Adding Employee Accrual Plans

Managing Accrual Plans and Balances



Using Sick Leave in Time Entry

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Time Entry

  2. Select an accounting period from the Accounting Period drop-down menu. 

  3. Click Sheet View from the sub-menu. Transactions will display in the grid.

  4. Locate a transaction to update the sick leave accrual plan for. 

  5. Right-click the employee that will have the accrual plan added. 

  6. Select Insert Transaction Type.

  7. Place a checkmark in the box under the Choose column next to the transaction that will be added for Sick Leave. 


  8. Click Insert Items.

  9. Enter the hours that the employee used of their sick leave accrual. Some states require that sick leave be used in increments of one to four hours and the employee must use full hours. 


  10. Process time entry as normal.



Processing Payroll

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Payroll.
  2. Search for a transaction.

  3. Click Checks from the sub-menu. 

  4. Locate the Accruals section tab in the lower right corner of Avionté and ensure they are accruing and depleting as expected.



View Paystub

Accruals will appear on the employee's pay stub and are located at the bottom in the center. 

In this example, eight hours of Minneapolis Sick Leave were entered in Time Entry. The employee started with a balance of "0." During the pay period shown, 0.67 hours were accrued. The employee's balance was -7.33 and that employee is at a deficit. 





There are several Advanced Queries that can be used with sick leave reporting. Reports are an easy way to pull accrual balance information for employees from today's date. 



Accrual Balance As of Today AQ

The Accrual Balance as of Today provides employee accrual information as of the day the report is run.

For more information, see the Standard AQ - Accrual Balance as of Today article. 


Accrual History AQ

This report provides employee accrual history information.

For more information, see the Standard AQ - Accrual History article.



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