Sick Leave Setup

This article is part of series that describes processing sick leave for employees.

Sick leave accrual and deplete plans can be set up in Avionté for locations that require a sick leave plan. This article outlines how to set up a sick leave accrual and deplete plan. 

It is important to follow the order of steps outlined below. Navigate to the link for more information on completing a specific step. 

Note: Information may vary per State. Please consult your local, state, federal laws and/or legal counsel to ensure full compliance.





Set up a Transaction Type in Admin Tools
Activate the Accrual Plan
Exempt Cities in a County
Determine Accrual Plan Description
Determine the Geocode



Set Up a Transaction Type in Admin Tools

It is best practice to set up a new accrual and deplete transaction type for each new sick leave plan.

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu.

  2. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window displays.

  3. Under Category, choose System.

  4. Under Select, double-click Transaction Type. The System | Config Transaction Type window will display.

  5. On the Detail tab, click Add New.


  6. Under the Transaction Type Details section, fill in the Name, Description, and Type fields: 


    Field Enter...
    Name Create a descriptive name for the transaction type. (i.e. Minneapolis Sick Leave, California Sick Leave, Cook County Sick Leave, etc.)
    Note: This name will also populate in theDescription and System Name fields. 
    Description Create a description for the transaction type. It can be the same as the Name field.
    Type Select Paycode from the drop-down menu. This ensures that the transaction will show up in Time Entry.
  7. In the Shared By section, place a checkmark next to each Site for the Staffing Supplier that will use this sick leave transaction type.


  8. Click Save


  9. Close the window.

 For more information on Transaction Types, see the Admin Tools: Transaction Type article.



Activate the Accrual Plan

The accrual plan will need to be activated so that it can be applied to transactions. The Accrual Plan tab at the top of the Supplier Administration window has three tabs, the Accrual Plan tab, the Accrual Plan Accrue tab and the Accrual Plan Deplete tab. 


Accrual Plan Tab

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu. 

  2. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window displays.

  3. Under Category, choose Employer. Under Select, double-click the name of the staffing supplier that will have the accrual plan. The supplier's Supplier Administration window will display.

  4. Click the Accrual Plan tab at the top of the window.


  5. Type "Sick Leave" into the search field under the Accrual Plan column. For more information on how the accrual plan descriptions are formatted, see the Determine Accrual Plan Description section at the bottom of the article. 
    Note: All Accrual Plans that have been set up will be "Inactive."

  6. Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to "Active." This will activate the accrual plan.


  7. Click Save.


  8. Move on to the Accrual Plan Deplete Tab section to finish setting up this staffing supplier.


Accrual Plan Deplete Tab

  1. Click the Accrual Plan Deplete tab. 

  2. Select a Sick Leave Accrual Plan from the Accrual Plan grid. These are the transaction types that were set up in the Set Up a Transaction Type section.

  3. Add the applicable transaction type for the sick leave plan by clicking on the blank line.


  4. Select the Transaction type from the drop-down menu under the Transaction Type column.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all the transaction types have been added to the grid. 

  6. Click Save


  7. Repeat the steps outlined in the Accrual Plan Tab section and the Accrual Plan Deplete Tab section for each staffing supplier.


Accrual Plan Accrue Tab

Accrual plans have been set up for Reg, OT and DT transaction types and no further action is needed. If a plan is not available here, contact Avionté Technical Support.



Exempt Cities in a County

If there are any cities in the county that shouldn't get the sick leave accrual plan, those cities will be listed in a Supplier Property that has been deployed. 

In the supplier property, the value column contains a comma separated list of all cities in that county to exclude from accruing. 

Verify that the list of excluded cities is correct. For a list of some cities in Cook County, see the Cook County, IL Ordinance No. 16-4229 section of the Sick Leave Overview article.

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu. 

  2. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window displays.

  3. Under Category, choose Employer. Under Select, double-click the name of the staffing supplier that will have the accrual plan. The supplier's Supplier Administration window will display.

  4. Locate the List of Property section. 


  5. Locate the Sick Leave Supplier Property.

  6. Under the Value column, click Edit. The Value window will display.


  7. Verify that the list of cities is correct. 


  8. If this list is incorrect, update the supplier property. For more information on this, see the Add a Supplier Property article. 



Determine Accrual Plan Description

Note: No action is needed for this section of the article. This section is for reference on how accrual plan names are determined.

The accrual plans must match the formats outlined below exactly. If the accrual plan name does not match the format described, the accrual plan will not be applied to transactions.


The City and County sick leave plan descriptions must have the employee's day gap added to the end of the transaction type. A day gap is the number of days for a gap of employment.

The day gap number only needs to be tracked if the sick leave plan requires this. It is very important to update the Employee's accrual plan start date and yearly date if this is tracked.

State Sick Leave Format

State Sick Leave has the following format: 

Format Examples
Sick Leave_(state abbreviation)

Sick Leave_MN

Sick Leave_CA



City Sick Leave Format

Make sure that the city name on the order's address matches the city name for the accrual plan description. Spaces in the city name area allowed (i.e. San Diego, San Francisco, etc.) as long as it matches the spelling of the city name on the order. See the examples below for more detail.


Format Examples

Sick Leave_StateCode_City_MMDDYYYY (Date the plan is active)_NumberOfHoursToAccrueOneHour_DayGap (if applicable)

Sick Leave_MN_Minneapolis_07012017_30

Sick Leave_MN_St Paul_07012017_30



County Sick Leave Format

Use this format to create a sick leave plan description for a county. 

Setting up a county sick leave plan requires a geocode. If you know the geocode for the county, insert that number into the format below to create the new sick leave plan. Only the first five numbers in the geocode are required for the sick plan description.

If you do not know the county's geocode, follow the steps below to determine the number and input the first five digits into the sick plan description.


Format Examples
Sick Leave_FirstFiveOfGeoCode_MMDDYYYY (Date the plan is active) _NumberOfHoursToAccrueOneHour_DayGap (if applicable)

Sick Leave_21031_07012017_40

Sick Leave_14031_07012017_40



Determine the Geocode

A geocode is a numeric mapping to a state, county or locality. Geocodes can be found in an employee or customer address. Only the first five numbers are needed to set up a county level sick leave plan.


A geocode has the following format: 


Location Geocode Digits
State First two digits
County Next three digits
Locality/City Last four digits



ZIP Code Sick Leave Format

Use the following format to create a sick leave plan description for a ZIP Code. This situation primarily applies to New York City sick leave plans. New York City sick leave plans include the boroughs as well. Because the boroughs are city names themselves, the city sick leave descriptions will not match. These cities have hard coded ZIP codes for New York City and the boroughs. 


Format Example
The accrual plan can have any name format as Avionté has hardcoded ZIP codes for the NYC boroughs. SickLeave_BrooklynNY



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