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The Accruals feature in the Avionté core application enables the effective management of PTO, Vacation, Sick Plans, etc. - all from one location. The Accruals functionality automates earning and depletion of accrual hours.  The collection of articles in the Accruals section are designed to enable comprehensive accrual administration with articles explaining setup, usage, reporting, and related compliance information. 

An Accrual Plan or Sick Plan is deployed for each customer either during implementation or by request if the customer has already completed initial implementation. Avionté deploys an Accrual Plan stored procedure and/or a Sick Plan stored procedure to a client's database then each client configures the plan to a region's calculation requirements. Request an Accrual Plan through a Modification Request to the Avionté Technical Services department. 

Information may vary per State. Please consult your local, state, federal laws and/or legal counsel to ensure full compliance.


Manually accrue

If an accrual plan is not configurable through the application, a client has the option to create a plan in Avionté but don’t set it up to actually “accrue” anything. Instead, consider manually adding the hours to each EE then use the deplete functionality as you normally would. This will allow the plan to be tracked in Avionté, show on the EE Portal and paystubs.  Keep in mind that the Accrual Plan updates its numbers after an Accounting Period has closed so Users shouldn’t expect manually added Accrual Plan hours to show right away on paystubs, EE Portal, etc.

Accrual plans are set up in two areas of the Avionté application - Admin Tools and Main Menu.  Once an Accrual Plan is created in Admin Tools, the created plan can then be applied to an Employee or Customer in the Main Menu.


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Accrual Plan Accrue

The Accrual Plan Accrue tab contains the Transaction Types on which employees accrue hours in your Accrual Plan. For example, suppose I want my employees to earn .0193 hours of PTO for every 40 hours worked. Do I want them to earn that PTO when I utilize Reg, OT, DT, etc., during Payroll Processing? I might want them to accrue hours on all of those Transaction Types; or instead on just a select few. 

Accrual Plan Deplete The Accrual Plan Deplete tab contains the Transaction Types that deplete hours in your Accrual Plan. For example: During Payroll Processing, I might want to use PTO as the Transaction Type that will show on the employee’s paystub, and make sure that this PTO pay reduces the employee’s balance of available PTO Hours. 
Rate Type Available Rate Type options are Per Hour and Per Pay Period. If the Rate Type is Per Hour, a rate of 0.25 would earn the employee 0.25 hours (15 minutes) of PTO for every hour worked. If the Rate Type is Per Pay Period, a rate of 0.25 would earn the employee 0.25 hours (15 minutes) of PTO for every pay period worked. Avionté Best Practice is to use Per Hour for hourly paid employees and Per Pay Period for salaried employees. 


Best Practices

  • If you are unsure whether your Accrual Plan can be supported by Avionté, connect with your Client Manager or enter a ticket into Avionté Technical Support requesting a review.
  • Completely create the Accrual Plan prior to adding it to any employee’s record.
  • Use Per Hour for hourly paid employees and Per Pay Period for salaried employees.
  • If employees will carry over their accrual hours, populate the Carryover Limit field with a numeric value.
  • Set the Accrual Plan Accrue and Accrual Plan Deplete transactions. If this step is not completed, the Accrual Plan will not add or deplete accrued hours. 
  • If the setup of the Accrual Plan is incorrect and the hours are not calculating correctly, do not attempt to resolve the situation by manually adjusting the banked hours. Instead, create a ticket in the Avionté Support Center with explicit details of what is not working as expected. Avionté Technical Support will review the settings and ensure the problem does not cause future errors.
  • Do not adjust any of the date fields once they've been configured. If dates are adjusted, the logic that controls maximum Accrual Hours earning limits via dates will not function correctly. If dates need to be adjusted, document the correct number of hours the employee should have, delete the existing accrual, re-add the accrual with the corrected dates, and then manually add the correct Accrual Plan hours.
  • Accrual Plans calculate and adjust upon closing of the accounting period. If something does not look right, check it again the following week to confirm the item has been adjusted during the Weekly Process. Common items affected by this are Accrual Plan limits and accrual earning limits. If you are not closing Accounting Periods and opening new ones, Avionté will be unable to calculate and adjust totals.
  • Clearly communicate how employees can earn and use their Accrual Plan hours. Making the information publicly available to employees in a handout, an e-Document, or a page within the Employee Handbook dedicated to Accrual Plan clarity can help set expectations.
  • Accrual Plan hours can be displayed on an employee’s pay stubs. This functionality is included on Avionté’s Standard Paycheck style. For any customized Paycheck Styles, the Accruals functionality typically needs to be added. If you are missing this functionality from your pay stub, create a Support ticket so that we can have a resource review your options with you.


Conventional Accrual Process Workflow

  1. Confirm your desired Accrual Plan is able to function in Avionté.
    • If unsure, create a Support ticket so that a team member can assist with verification.
    • If your accrual plan does not function as expected within the Avionté system, consider manual tracking of hours either in or outside of Avionté.
  2. In Admin Tools > Employer > Accrual Plan, create the Accrual Plan template.
    1. Accrual Setup (Admin Tools)
  3. Once all of the parameters have been configured on the Accrual Plan, you may begin adding the plan to employee records.
  4. View the accrual amounts for each check either during the Payroll process by viewing the check or after the check has been created in the employee's pay history. 
    1. Employee’s Pay History.
  5. If an employee uses some Accrual Plan hours, the Transaction Type and corresponding hours need to be entered into Time Entry in order to deduct the hours from the employee’s balance of hours.
    1. Processing an Accrual Payment 
  6. To pay an employee for their PTO, Vacation, Sick Plan, etc., process those hours in Time Entry.
    1. Processing an Accrual Payment 
  7. In the event that Accrual Plan hours need to be manually adjusted, edit them in the Employee section.
    1. Adding or Subtracting Accrual Units
  8. Because limits are set by a plan or manual adjustments, accrual plans often adjust the hours for an employee once an Accounting Period has been closed. Accounting periods must be closed for this functionality to be effective.


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