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Updated 07/08/2021


Advanced search can be used to search for employees that meet a specific set of criteria. The search results list can be useful for many reasons, especially for sending a specific email to a targeted group of people. This can be useful to notify employees regarding year-end documents/processes, job openings, process changes, etc. All of the employees selected in the Advanced Search would receive the same email. 


The email functionality in Advanced Search is similar to Mass Mail in that multiple employees are sent an email from the same email template. For more information on using Mass Mail without using Advanced Search, see the Mass Mail - Add Item help article. 


Prior to sending an e-mail through Advanced Search, ensure an e-mail profile is set up. For more information see either Email - Profile (Versions 14.2 & Older; Self-Hosted) or Email Profile (Versions 15.1 & Newer; Hosted). An employee must have an active e-mail address listed in Avionté in order to receive the e-mail.



Perform an Advanced Search

Follow the below actions to perform an advanced search. For frequently used searches and their search parameters, see Frequently Used Searches at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click the Actions drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
    Note: If Advanced Search is available as a shortcut, click Advanced Search and the Advanced Search window will open.

  2. Select Advanced Search. The Advanced Search window opens.

  3. From the Search Type drop-down menu, select Employee.

  4. Under Select Category, select a category of information to search. The categories are similar to the sub-menu items found in the Main Menu with additional searchable items.

    Choose a category based on the main focus of the search. The other fields and operators in later steps will further narrow down search results.
    : This is the broadest search parameter. Search parameters will get more specific from here. 

  5. Under Select Fields, select a specific item to search from the chosen category.

  6. Under Select Operator, choose one of operators to filter search results indicated in the Enter Value column. 

  7. Under Enter Value, choose the item that will be searched. The value that goes in this field may be selected from a drop-down menu or free-form text can be typed into the field. 

  8. Click Add Search. The search parameters will appear in the Search Item section. 

  9. Repeat steps 4 - 8 to add additional criteria to filter search results further. Those steps can be repeated as many times as necessary. 

  10. Once all of the search parameters have been entered under the Search Item section, click Run Search.

  11. A list of all employees that meet the search criteria will appear in the Search Result tab. 

  12. Select one or multiple employees to send the email to by placing a checkmark in the box next to their names. To send an email to all employees, select all employees by placing a checkmark in the box in the table header.

  13. Select Send Email from the Actions drop-down menu. 



Save and Share a Search

Once a search has been created, it can be saved for future use. 

  1. Follow the steps in Perform an Advanced Search for more information on searching. See the Frequently Used Searches section below to set up a common search.

  2. Once the search parameters have been entered, click Save Share at the top of the window.

  3. Enter a name for the search.

  4. Share the saved search with specific users by enabling the selections below: 
    Note: If the search will not be shared with other users, move on to the next step.

    Users to Share How to Share
    Individual users Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to an individual user to share the search. Multiple users can be selected.
    All Users from my Branch Click the button at the top that says Select All Users From My Branch to share the search with all users associated with your branch specifically.
    All Users from my Supplier Click the button at the top that says Select All Users From My Supplier to share the search with all users associated with your branch specifically.
    Basic Search Check the box next to Basic Search to have this search appear in basic searches.
  5. Click Finish to save and close the window.



Using a Saved Search

When opening the Advanced Search, select the name of the saved search from the Select Search drop-down menu and click Run Search.



Frequently Used Searches

There are several searches that are frequently used and very helpful for communicating business needs. Perform these searches to generate a list of corresponding employees. 

Use Case Select Category Select Fields Select Operator Enter Value

Notify active Employees who are not currently on an assignment about a new opportunity.

Detail Employee Status = False
Detail On Assignment = Active

Notify Employees that W-2s are available on the Employee Portal.

Interview Question = Electronic W-2
(or similar)


Interview Answer =


(or similar)

Find available candidates that have a specific skill.  Detail On Assignment = False
Skill Code Skill = Example Skill

Find employees in a specific location (i.e. ZIP Code, address, etc.) 

Note: The radius search is optional. This search is dependent on a city, ZIP, or state search parameter.

Detail On Assignment = False
Address City, ZIP, or State = City, ZIP or State depending on the field chosen.
Address Radius >=, = , <>, <= Select a radius around the specified city, zip, or state to generate results for. 



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