Customer Summary

The Summary item of the Customer section displays current information regarding the customer and houses access to the Shortcut menu for issuing quick commands related to the customer.

Customer Info

Field Description
Customer Name The name of the customer.
Department Name Name of the customer department.
Main Address Street address for the customer's headquarters.

Note: The address displayed can be controlled by the IsPrimary config choice in Table 25. CustomerAddress on the Admin Tools Config Choice help page.
Primary Contact # The main telephone number for the customer.
Customer ID Unique identification number for cataloging the customer.
BOLD Company ID Unique identification number for cataloging the customer in AviontéBOLD.
Record Type Indicates the status of the customer's record - Active, Inactive, Processed, Unprocessed, etc. There is not a singular definition of "processed," "unprocessed," etc. - the status definitions are dictated according to company rules. A status can be configured in Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Config Choice. 

Billing Profile

Field Description
Branch Name  Name of the supplier branch attached to the customer.
Staffing Supplier The name of the supplier.
Account Manager The name of the account manager assigned to the customer.


The Shortcut group and be customized by right-clicking on the group itself and selecting the option you'd like to add. The options available to add to the Shortcut group are the same as those on the Customer Actions menu.


This group indicates where the customer is in the sales process.

Contact Method

The Contact Method group displays the mode(s) of reaching out to the customer. The information for this group can be updated from the Detail item of the Customer section.

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