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Accrual Plans are set up in two areas of the Avionté application - Admin Tools and Main Menu. Once an Accrual Plan is created in Admin Tools, the created plan can then be applied to an Employee or Customer in the Main Menu. Before applying an Accrual Plan to an Employee or Customer, the accrual plan must be created.

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Apply an Accrual Plan to an Employee Record
Add or Subtract Accrual Units
Accruals in Employee Pay History
Accrual Balance on an Employee Paystub
Processing an Accrual Payment 


This article explains how to apply an existing Accrual Plan to an Employee or Customer.


If an option is not visible at Main Menu > Employee > Payroll > Accruals or Main Menu > Customer > Accrual Plan, enable the option with the use of Admin Tools - Form. 



Apply an Accrual Plan to an Employee Record

The Employee Main Menu features an Accrual option nested in the Payroll sub-menu. In addition to a grid displaying an employee's applied accrual plans, the page features three tabs used to manage an accrual plan for an employee - Accrual Info, Accrual History, and Note.  



Accrual Info Tab

To apply an existing Accrual Plan to an employee's record:

  1. Open the employee's record through an Employee search. 
    Employee Searches

  2. Click the "+" icon next to Payroll in the Employee sub-menu. The Payroll option expands to display additional options.

  3. Click Accrual.
  • A grid displays showing any plans that are already applied to the Employee. There may be none. 
  • By default, the Accrual Info tab is shown, displaying fields that can be used to apply a plan to the employee's record. 
  • Select an accrual plan from the Accrual Plan drop-down menu.

  • Click Save Accrual. Any values included in the selected plan will be applied to the employee. 
    • If a value is entered into the Initial Value field, that value will be re-added to the employee's accrued balance on their next anniversary. For example, if an employee begins with an initial balance of 15 hours, their account will automatically receive another 15 hours on their one-year anniversary. 

      The Accrual Plan is now applied to the employee's record and will transact according to the plan's configuration.

Accrual History Tab

The Accrual History tab on the right-hand side of the page displays the employee's earnings and depletions including the date of accrual payments, associated check numbers, and the amount of units paid during the transaction. Values are displayed in this area after the associated accounting period has been closed.



Note Tab

The Note tab on the right-hand side of the page features a free-text field designed to be used to record notes about the accrual plan. Text entered into the field is automatically saved in that space and available when the tab is opened.



Add or Subtract Accrual Units

Hours may be manually added or subtracted from an eemployee's accrual hours. 

  1. Click the Add icon on the far right of the Accrual Plan row. An Add accrual units window displays. 

  2. Add a value to the Unit field. A decimal point separates whole numbers from fractional values.
  • Enter a regular value to the Unit field to add hours to an employee's accrual balance.
  • Enter a value with a "-" sign to the Unit field to subtract hours from an employee's accrual balance.

  • Click the Date drop-down menu icon to select the date of the adjustment. Today's date is included by default.

  • Enter an explanation for the adjustment in the Note field. 

  • Click Finish.



Accruals in Employee Pay History

Accrual activity can be viewed per paycheck through the Employee's History menu option.

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Employee > History > Pay History to display an Employee's paycheck activity.

  2. Click on a paycheck row in the upper-grid.

  3. Click the Accruals tab on the right-hand side of the page to view accrual history related to the selected paycheck. 



Accrual Balance on an Employee Paystub

A pay stub can display the Employee’s Accruals earning and depletion. Two types of pay stubs can display Accruals information, the Avionté Standard Pay stub and the customized pay stub that has had Accruals added to it by request.




Processing an Accrual Payment

To pay an employee's accrued hours, hours are entered into a pay period with Avionté's Time Entry function. 

  1. Create a payroll batch.

  2. Search for the employee's paycheck in Sheet View.

  3. Right-click on the transaction and select "Insert Transaction Type." A list of Transaction Types displays.

  4. Select a Transaction Type that was created in Accrual Plan Deplete. 
    Accrual Plan Deplete

  5. Enter a number of units to be subtracted from the employee's banked hours and added to the employee's paycheck. 

  6. Enter the rate at which the units will be paid. 

  7. Generate a check for the employee following the standard workflow for Time Entry and Payroll Batch processing. 
    Time Entry Batches
    Payroll process

    The employee's Sheet View record and paycheck will reflect the paid accrual.




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