Inactive Plan Administration (Purge Inactive Accrual Balances)

Inactive Plan Administration supports the ability of Super Users to mass purge the accrual balances for inactive employees for a specified duration.

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Inactive Plan Administration | Purge Balances Process

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu. 

  2. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window displays.

  3. Under Category, choose Employer. Under Select, double-click the name of the staffing supplier that will have the accrual plan. The supplier's Supplier Administration window will display.

  4. Click the Accrual Plan tab at the top of the window.

    inactive purge 1.png

  5. Choose the particular Accrual Plan from which balances need to be purged, then click the Purge Inactive Balances button.

    inactive purge 2.png

  6. The Inactive Plan Administration tool will now be open for the selected Accrual Plan.

    inactive purge 3.png

  7. Within Inactive Plan Administration, specified (or all) employees can be selected for Accrual Purge based on their Last Pay Date range.

    inactive purge 4.png

  8. Complete the Employee Selection and Last Pay Date Range, then click Process Accrual Purge.

    inactive purge 5.png

  9. Review the Confirm action notification. Click OK to complete the Accrual Purge.

    inactive purge 6.png

10. The Purge Accrual Balances process is now complete. All employees selected for the balance purge will be removed from the employee list and an Accrual Purge History record will be created for reference.

inactive purge 7.png

11. Reference the Accrual Purge History to review completed Accrual Balance Purge lists.

inactive purge 8.png

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