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Updated 06/25/2021


Each customer's Vendor Portal is configured according to the selections made on the Vendor Worksheet.

Reference the Vendor Worksheet when completing the testing steps below to ensure that the selections from the worksheet align with the Vendor Portal site.

Testing is complete when the portal selections have been verified and the actions below have been completed. 

Avionté Core Application

Follow these instructions to set up a vendor portal within the Avionté core application. 


Create an Agency

  1. Open the Avionté core application. 

  2. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Agency 

  3. Click New Agency. The New Agency Wizard displays.

  4. Ensure that for the Agency Type field, "Staffing Supplier Vendor" is selected from the drop-down menu. 

  5. Fill in the remaining fields in the New Agency wizard with the required information. See the New Agency Wizard article for more information on the fields in this window. 

  6. Click Finish to save. The completed Agency record will appear in the main Avionté window.



Create Agency Contact

  1. From the Agency record that was just created, click the Actions drop-down menu.

  2. Select New Contact.

  3. The New Contact Wizard loads. Ensure that for the Contact Role(s) field, the "Web Portal User" checkbox is checked. 

  4. Enter the remaining required information in the blank fields. For more information, see the New Contact Wizard article. 

  5. Click Finish when the information has been entered. The contact record will display in the main Avionté window.


Create a Web Login for the Agency Contact

  1. From the Agency Contact record, click the Actions menu. 

  2. Click Web Login. The Web Login User window displays. 
    Note: The Web Login User window is different from the Web Login Wizard in Admin Tools. For the purposes of the Vendor Portal Test, open the Web Login User window from the Agency Contact record.

  3. Fill in the fields with the appropriate information. For more information on these fields, see Contact Actions Menu - Web Login

    Notes Passwords must be at least eight characters long featuring at least one special character, one capital letter, and one number. Passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination.
    Make sure to remember the username and password entered. These login credentials will be used to test the Vendor (VMS) Portal later.
    If you want to e-mail the username and password to the contact, check the Email Web Login (requires password change above) box under Options.

  4. Click Finish to create the new web login.



Create an Agency Employee

  1. Navigate to Front Office > Employee

  2. Either search for an employee that already exists using the fields at the top of the window, or create a new employee. For more information on creating a new employee, see the New Employee Wizard article.

  3. If you searched for an existing employee, click Edit Employee from the shortcuts or select it from the Actions drop-down menu.

  4. In the employee's record, add the Staffing Supplier Vendor Agency that was previously created in the Agency/Vendor field. 

  5. Press Tab on the keyboard to tab off the field and save the changes. 

  6. If the employee has any active assignments, a pop-up window displays with the message, "Would you like to apply this agency to this employee's active assignments?" Clicking Yes will move all active assignments to the chosen agency. Clicking No will not update the chosen agency to the employee's active assignments. For the purposes of this test, click No


Create an Order

  1. From the Main menu, navigate to Front Office > Order

  2. Either search for and select an existing order, or create a new order if there are no orders in the database. For more information on creating an Order, see the New Temp Order Wizard article. If you chose to create a new order, the New Order_Temp wizard will display. 

  3. From the Order record in Avionté, click on the Actions menu.

  4. Select Post Order to Web. For more information on this selection, see the Post Order to Web article. Selecting this option will post the job to the Vendor (VMS) Portal. This functionality allows you to determine which jobs you will release to vendors and which ones can be filled internally.


Vendor (VMS) Portal Setup

Follow these instructions to verify setup in the Vendor (VMS) Portal. This process requires that you login as the vendor using the vendor's login credentials. The items that you see upon login are items that the vendor will see when logging in. Ensure that the Vendor Portal is set up correctly so that the vendor has access to view and interact with the appropriate items. 

  1. Open the link to the Vendor portal. 
    [3-digit company code]

  2. Login using the vendor's credentials that were set up in Step 3 in the Create a Web Login for the Agency Contact section of this article. 

  3. Verify that the page is set up correctly. (i.e. required fields, verbiage, etc.) The vendor will see these items upon login.

  4. Verify that the pages, sub-pages and counters marked on the Vendor (VMS) Portal worksheet are visible. Click on each page and sub-page to ensure that the correct options are visible. 



Employees Page

If you requested that the Employees page should be visible to vendors, it will display. For more information on the Employees Tab, see the Employee Tab article. 

  1. Click Employees from the top menu bar. 



Employee List Sub-Menu

  1. Click Employee List from the side menu bar. A searchable list of employees will be visible.

  2. Ensure that the employee that you created in the core app is visible in the list or search for the employee.

  3. Search for an employee using the search parameters at the top of the window. 

  4. Click Search.

New Employee Sub-Menu

  1. Click New Employee from the side menu bar. 

  2. Enter information for an employee in the blank fields. 

  3. Click Save Employee to save the employee's information.


Time Entry Page

If you requested that the Time Entry page should be visible to vendors, it will display. For more information on the Time Entry page, see the Time Entry Tab article. 

  1. Click Time Entry from the top menu bar. 

  2. Ensure that the sub-menu options that were requested on the Vendor (VMS) Worksheet are visible on the sub-menu bar on the left side of the window.

  3. Click on each sub-menu item to ensure that it is functional.


Job Orders Page

If you requested that the Job Orders page should be visible to vendors, it will display. For more information on the Job Orders page, see the Job Orders Tab article. 

  1. Click Job Orders from the top menu bar. 

  2. Ensure that the job order that was created in the core app is visible in the Summary sub-menu item. 

  3. Click on an order number link under the Position ID column. The Order Info will display.

  4. Click Submit Candidate. A list of all available candidates will display.

  5. In the Submit Candidate window, search for a candidate using the search fields at the top of the window and click Search.

  6. Place a checkmark in the box next to the employee you want to add to this order. 

  7. Add text in the Note column if necessary.

  8. Click Submit at the bottom of the window to submit a candidate to the order. The Submit Candidate window will close and will return to the Job Orders page of the vendor portal.

  9. Once a candidate has been successfully submitted to an order, their name will appear below the Order Info in a new section, Active Candidates.


Candidates Page

If you requested that the Candidates page should be visible to vendors, it will display. For more information on the Candidates page, see the Candidates Tab article. 

  1. Click Candidates from the top menu bar. 

Summary Sub-Page

  1. The employees who are in the submission process will appear in the Summary page of the Candidates tab. Click on an employee's name to view more detailed information. 


Reports Page

If you requested that the Reports page should be visible to vendors, it will display. For more information on the Reports page, see the Reports Tab article. There are no standard reports that display. Talk to your Avionté Representative if a report should be made available to your vendor. 

  1. Click Reports from the top menu bar. 

  2. Ensure that any reports that you requested are available to your vendor.

  3. Click View to view a specific report. If the report appears here, your vendor will have access to view this report.


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